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Looking for a story about Hunsford interrupted

September 04, 2023 09:14PM

I'm looking for a story where Elizabeth and Darcy are interrupted during the Hunsford proposal, so that Elizabeth never gets to refuse and Darcy assumes her acceptance. I don't remember exactly how they are interrupted, but the end result is that they get engaged.

It might have been Mr Collins interrupting them, and crying scandal because they were alone together? And Darcy jumping in to say they were actually engaged. Or it might have been Charlotte, with news of a tragedy at Longbourn, and Darcy taking charge of things, assuming he was now engaged to Elizabeth. Or maybe they are two different stories? The one thing I am sure of is that the first proposal gets interrupted and at the end Elizabeth and Darcy are engaged.

Anyway, if any of this sounds familiar, please leave a reply!

Looking for a story about Hunsford interrupted

LilySeptember 04, 2023 09:14PM

Re: Looking for a story about Hunsford interrupted

Sandy CSeptember 04, 2023 11:18PM

Not that one smiling smiley

LilySeptember 05, 2023 08:56AM

Re: Not that one smiling smiley

AlidaSeptember 06, 2023 09:28PM

Found it!

LilySeptember 07, 2023 08:52PM

Re: Found it!

HarveySeptember 08, 2023 05:17PM

Re: Link?

AlidaSeptember 10, 2023 09:27PM

Re: Link?

HarveySeptember 11, 2023 05:13PM

Can we?

LilySeptember 11, 2023 10:09PM

Re: Can we?

Sandy CSeptember 12, 2023 02:46PM

Re: Can we?

HarveySeptember 12, 2023 03:15PM

Re: Link?

LilySeptember 11, 2023 11:45AM


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