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Help finding "The Lindo-Rabble Chronicles"

June 08, 2024 12:24PM
Hello everyone!

I'd like to reread a story (or were they more than one?) posted here in 2013, around the time the first royal baby was born (George, I mean). I remember the story made fun of all the media attention the upcoming birth was getting, with journalists camped outside the hospital where the then-Duchess was said to go. In short, each reporter was a character from an Austen novel and they all got their happy ending while waiting for the prince to be born.

I thought its title was something along the lines of "The Lindo-Rabble Chronicles", from the name of the famed hospital wing, but a search here and on the JAFF came up with nothing. So, here I am, asking if any of you remembers the exact title, or the author, so that I can find it again and enjoy a reread.

I hope you can help!

Help finding "The Lindo-Rabble Chronicles"

LilyJune 08, 2024 12:24PM

Re: Help finding "The Lindo-Rabble Chronicles"

NobukoJune 09, 2024 06:58PM

Thank you both! (nfm)

LilyJune 11, 2024 10:54AM

Re: Help finding "The Lindo-Rabble Chronicles"

UlrikeJune 09, 2024 09:38AM



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