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Re: Almost Persuaded Chapters 23 and 24

January 08, 2015 09:36PM
Glad Lady Russell was able to what was best for Anne. In the original, Lady Russell was an intelligent woman, reluctant to admit error (and who, among us, is not), but able to do so with a certain amount of grace in the face of incontrovertible evidence. Glad she's true to Jane Austen's original in this story.

Just for the record, as a commissioned officer, Frederick is already, at least technically, "of their class." Even if he doesn't make post, his status as an officer automatically makes him a "gentleman," even if he'd been promoted from the ranks. If he married and had a daughter, that daughter would be able to make her curtsy before the queen.

Of course, in a non-technical sense, a certain portion of "better" society would never accept him as a gentleman, even if he got promoted to captain, indeed even if he was made a peer. The fact that the Navy, more than the Army, recognized merit more than birth or connections was one of the objections Sir Walter had to that particular branch of the Service.

Glad to see Mary developing into a much nicer woman than she grew up to be in the book. Exposure to the extended family has been good for both sisters.

Found the descriptions of the "food chain" and the preservation of food fascinating. Growing up with refrigerators, we really have no idea how good we have it.

The back and forth letters between Anne and Frederick kind of reminded me of the correspondence between Jack Aubrey and his Sophie in Patrick O'Brian's novels. Recall that Sophie never dated her letters, nor numbered her pages, so Jack had a hard time putting them in order when he'd finally get a packet from her.

Enjoying this immensely, and looking forward to the reunion between Frederick and Anne.


Almost Persuaded Chapters 23 and 24

ShannaGJanuary 07, 2015 06:25PM

Re: Almost Persuaded Chapters 23 and 24

Jim D.January 08, 2015 09:36PM

Re: Almost Persuaded Chapters 23 and 24

LisetteJanuary 08, 2015 02:29PM

Re: Almost Persuaded Chapters 23 and 24

Teresa DouglasJanuary 08, 2015 05:08AM

Re: Almost Persuaded Chapters 23 and 24

terrycgJanuary 07, 2015 07:54PM


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