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Re: Confused

February 02, 2015 08:18AM
We could re-write the entail. In absence of a direct male heir, it goes to the next male heir through the female line: it came to Henry Bennet through his wife, Elizabeth Bennet, either an only child or one with only daughters, and she was (insert legal term here) only the "guardian" of the estate, kept in trust for her son. So Collins is Elizabeth Bennet's nee Collins, mother to the current owner, cousin.

Otherwise, I don't see how it is possible that Thomas Bennet and not the Earl could have inherited this. It would demand a will, I guess (not a lawyer here), and thus no entail would exist as Henry Bennet would be the first to have the estate passed to him, and there is no reason to assume that he would entail it once his son, Thomas, had reached majority so as to agree with such a step.

They Played Together As Boys - Chapter 2-3

NatCRJanuary 31, 2015 10:18PM

Re: They Played Together As Boys - Chapter 2-3

ShannaGFebruary 02, 2015 04:20PM


Maria VFebruary 01, 2015 12:16PM

Re: Confused

LisaFebruary 01, 2015 11:22PM

Re: Confused

Maria VFebruary 02, 2015 08:18AM

question regarding family line

MomoeFebruary 02, 2015 03:46PM


NatCRFebruary 02, 2015 07:10PM

Re: apologies...

MissGouldingSeptember 28, 2018 06:03PM

Confusement? :-)

TashaFebruary 03, 2015 01:18AM

Re: They Played Together As Boys - Chapter 2-3

terrycgFebruary 01, 2015 06:09AM


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