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question regarding family line

February 02, 2015 03:46PM
I agree that Mr. Collins really has no stake on the estate. It should belong to James. Although it is possible that James could have granted it to Thomas (Lizzy's dad) and that once James granted it to Thomas, such grant cannot be reversed and that in the absence of a son, Thomas' legacy would then pass to another male on the Bennet line (excluding the earl) aka Mr. Collins....

Anyway, on another line, who is Margaret? is she James' wife? In the prologue it was mentioned that James is an orphan of 11 months so I think that would make him an only child. Thomas had a sister named Jane but nothing else is said about another sister, unless it is a younger sister that we didn't know of in the prologue. Also who is Lavinia? I thought she was James' wife? (he sure has lots of wives! ha, ha, ha). I understand that Teddy is James' son, and he should be around Lizzy's age or older for them to be consider a possible match. If so who is Amelia? she is introduced as the new daughter of James, someone Lizzy and her family have not met, so that means she is a child, right? a babe? then.... is there an age gap of 20 something years between these two siblings (Teddy and Amelia)? isn't that a bit weird? Would you please clarify the family tree so that some of us can understand it better.

Also, would you please write more interactions between Darcy and Lizzy? it feels as if their acquaintance is really being overlooked and I so love to read how these two go at each other. I would also love to hear more about Lizzy and Teddy.

Thanks and love the work!

They Played Together As Boys - Chapter 2-3

NatCRJanuary 31, 2015 10:18PM

Re: They Played Together As Boys - Chapter 2-3

ShannaGFebruary 02, 2015 04:20PM


Maria VFebruary 01, 2015 12:16PM

Re: Confused

LisaFebruary 01, 2015 11:22PM

Re: Confused

Maria VFebruary 02, 2015 08:18AM

question regarding family line

MomoeFebruary 02, 2015 03:46PM


NatCRFebruary 02, 2015 07:10PM

Re: apologies...

MissGouldingSeptember 28, 2018 06:03PM

Confusement? :-)

TashaFebruary 03, 2015 01:18AM

Re: They Played Together As Boys - Chapter 2-3

terrycgFebruary 01, 2015 06:09AM


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