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Re: apologies...

September 28, 2018 06:03PM
Coming in quite late to note that two decade age gaps werent uncommon back in the day, nor in modern times. Fertility begins in the teenaged years and stretches into the 4th or even 5th decade. If a woman remains sexually active from her teens onward, Only infertility, birth control, or abstinence will prevent such age gaps. My paternal grandmothers first child was born in 1916 and the last, her 7th, in 1939. And people believed the baby she told them was hers in 1942 was her youngest, though actually it was her daughter's (born 1922) illegitimate child. My maternal grandmothers first child was boen in 1939' and her 6th in 1961. That youngest uncle and my older brother, born 1963, are best friends to this day. My youngest brother, my mothers 5th child, born 1980, and my oldest child, born 1984 are buddies. My 3rd and youngest child, born 2007, is a sort of big brother to his sisters child, born 2012 (she plans no more children, so i guess this habit of making full use of our fertile years is broken!)

They Played Together As Boys - Chapter 2-3

NatCRJanuary 31, 2015 10:18PM

Re: They Played Together As Boys - Chapter 2-3

ShannaGFebruary 02, 2015 04:20PM


Maria VFebruary 01, 2015 12:16PM

Re: Confused

LisaFebruary 01, 2015 11:22PM

Re: Confused

Maria VFebruary 02, 2015 08:18AM

question regarding family line

MomoeFebruary 02, 2015 03:46PM


NatCRFebruary 02, 2015 07:10PM

Re: apologies...

MissGouldingSeptember 28, 2018 06:03PM

Confusement? :-)

TashaFebruary 03, 2015 01:18AM

Re: They Played Together As Boys - Chapter 2-3

terrycgFebruary 01, 2015 06:09AM


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