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Fine Eyes

November 12, 2020 02:04PM
"Darcy, I hate to see you standing about in this stupid manner. You had much better dance."

"I shall most certainly not. You know how I detest it when I am not properly acquainted with my partner."

"I dare say, there are a number of pretty and agreeable ladies. I am sure they would be delighted to be acquainted with you."

"There is only one pretty lady in this room, Bingley. And you are dancing with her. Now, I implore you to leave me be."

"Upon my word! I would not be so fastidious as you for a kingdom! While I agree with you on the fact that Miss Jane Bennet is simply an Angel, the other ladies are not far off. Look, there sits one of her sisters behind you. Let me introduce you to her."


"Darcy? Is something wrong, man?"


"Darcy, you are scaring me. Do you know the second Miss Bennet from somewhere? Why are you staring at her this intensely?"

"Allow me to take back my previous words, Bingley. They were hastily spoken and not true... Miss Jane Bennet is most assuredly not the prettiest lady in the room. Her sister shall have to take that position."

"Er... Darcy? Are you quite well?"

"Bingley, you must introduce me to that lady with such such fine eyes. I dare say, those eyes illuminate the rest of her face. She is truly enchanting... What did you say her name was?"

"I did not. Her name is Miss Elizabeth Bennet. If you wish it, I can introduce you to her."

"Yes, please, do so, Bingley."

"Miss Elizabeth, may I introduce my good friend, Mr Darcy of Pemberley, Derbyshire."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, sir. How to you do?"

"The pleasure is all mine, madam. I am doing quite well, I thank you."

"Forgive me but I could not help hearing your conversation with your friend Mr Bingley. I was right behind you, after all."


"Come now, Mr Darcy, no need to blush so."


"I did not take offense, I assure you."


"Are you usually this silent?"

"No! That is... I would be... Would you...? I mean, may I have the honour of requesting the next two dances from the most enchanting lady in the assembly?"

"Indeed? Let me get my sister Jane so you may request her yourself."

"With all due respect to your sister, Miss Bennet, it is your hand I wish to solicit for a set."

"Relax, Mr Darcy, I was simply teasing."

"You take delight in it, Miss Elizabeth?"

"Yes and yes and yes, Mr Darcy."


"Yes, I take delight in teasing. Yes, you may request my hand for the next set. And yes, I shall be glad to oblige."

"I implore you to stop looking so grave all the time, Mr Darcy. It makes you look quite forbidding."

"Are you so easily frightened, Miss Bennet?"

"Not in the least. My courage rises at every attempt to intimidate me. I am merely concerned for the other young ladies who has not half my courage, you see."

"Indeed. Perhaps, you could keep me away from those innocent souls to keep them from having the fright of their lives?"

"That would not be a very bad idea, Mr Darcy, had my mother not been watching."

"Ah... The matron wearing the grass green gown, is that her?"

"Indeed, sir."


"You have gotten grave and silent, again, Mr Darcy. Is something the matter?"

"Not at all, Miss Bennet. I was merely reflecting upon a matter."

"Mrs Bennet."

"Mr Darcy! I see, you have been dancing with my Lizzy. Beautiful, is she not? Though she is nothing to my Jane..."

"Miss Elizabeth is quite a delight, I agree."

"I am sure, she would make a man of such consequence as you, a fine wife."

"Indeed. If she is half as fine a wife as her eyes are, then I shall have no scruples. You have raised her well, Mrs Bennet."

"Why thank you, Mr Darcy. My Lizzy was always my favourite daughter, you know."

"She deserves the position, Mrs Bennet."

"Might I trouble you with a matter, Mr Darcy?"

"Of course."

"What, sir, were you doing with my mother of all people?"

"I was merely..."



"Ugh. Do not start, again, Mr Darcy!"


"Fine! Do not tell me! I do not care either way!"

"May I call upon you tomorrow, Miss Bennet?"


"You are the most fascinating creature the world had ever had, Miss Bennet. I shall not be a fool and let you go. So I am asking you, would you permit me to call on you tomorrow?"

"I... Why not?"

"Wonderful! Now as to your first inquiry, I was merely having a conversation with the mother of the lady I plan to woo. Is there something wrong with it?"

"But that was before I had consented to accept your call!"

"I was only making sure I had reinforcements in case you refused, Miss Bennet."


"You must not stare so, Miss Bennet. It is not a polite thing to do."

"Why you... You teasing man!"

"I learned from the best."

The End

Fine Eyes

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