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Dearest Anne Book 2 Chapter 15

December 14, 2020 03:14PM
Chapter 15

Upon entering the foyer Darcy was assaulted by the terrifying sounds of utter chaos in his home. He bounded up the stairs to find Edward screaming at the top of his lungs, his legs kicking and flailing as Charlie, his favorite young groom, held him aloft and tried to pull him away from the door. From the other side, Roger, a footman, was desperately trying to pry Edward's fingers off the doorknob. Nanny Henderson was scolding, Charlie was pleading and numerous house maids were huddled against the wall, weeping.

“I want my mummy! I want my mummy,” Edward wailed between pitiful sobs and periods of sheer rage. “Let me in! I want to see my mummy. I want to see my mummy, I want my mummy.”

“Edward!” Darcy exclaimed loudly.

On hearing his father's voice he immediately let go of the doorknob and kicked his way free of Charlie's grasp. He ran to his father and wrapped his arms around his leg, continuing to implore anyone and everyone to let him into his mother's bedchamber.

“Edward, Edward, my darling boy, what has come over you?” said Darcy, lifting him up to his chest for a hug. “We've discussed this countless times before. While Mummy is giving birth to the baby, you are not allowed in the room.”

“But we have to get that bad baby away from Mummy. She is hurting her so much! Mummy has been screaming and crying for so long now! We must get that baby away from her. Papa, please,” he begged, “you must go in and help her.” Thoroughly exhausted and out of breath, he let his head drop onto his father's shoulder and continued to sob and gasp for air.

Darcy was desperate to get into the room himself. He was frightened to the point of madness but managed to pull himself together for the sake of his son. Elizabeth needed him, Edward needed him and he needed to see that his wife was well. It had gone completely quiet behind the closed door. Was that a good sign?

Lifting Edward off his chest, he tried to transfer him to Nanny's arms, but the boy would not have it. He flailed and screamed until Darcy took him back and walked briskly towards the nursery. Edward was not being difficult. He was traumatized. Nanny walked quickly behind them, but when Darcy entered the nursery he immediately closed the door behind him, leaving Nanny on the other side.

He sat down in the rocker with Edward on his lap, whispering soothing words to calm him. At the same time his thoughts raced from Elizabeth and the baby, to Edward and back again. He was desperate to know how she was. Suddenly he remembered Edwards words … “she is hurting Mummy so much.” Was Edward guessing that the baby was a girl or had he been told?

“Edward, has the baby already been born?” he asked his son, hoping his question would not set him off again. But it did.

“Yes, and her name is Susan and she is all wrinkly and red and ugly. Mrs. Reynolds showed her to me, but I didn't even want to look at her. I hate her! I hate her! I want you to throw her away, Papa. She is a horrible baby!”

“Edward, is Mrs. Reynolds helping Dr. Morrison? Who else is taking care of Mummy? Do you know?”

“Yes, Mrs. Pritchett is there too, but she wouldn't let me in either!” he shouted angrily.

Darcy leapt from the rocker with Edward clinging to his neck and hastily made his way back to the closed door. He knocked lightly and called out, “Can no one come to the door and tell me what is happening?”

“Whispering was heard from the other side and finally, Mrs. Pritchett opened the door a crack.

“Things are moving along, Mr. Darcy. Dr. Morrison is almost done. He says he will join you in the nursery as soon as he can. He asks you not to worry. Mrs. Darcy is taking a much needed rest at the moment and your baby girl is healthy and beautiful.”

He was so grateful for the news, though he had a feeling that something was amiss and they were hiding it from him. But at the moment, he desperately needed to believe it.

As he walked back to the nursery he struggled to think how he could reassure Edward – how he could explain Elizabeth's pain. How could he make Edward believe that the baby was not to blame for his mother's suffering. Good G-d! Why on earth hadn't Nanny taken him out of the house?

When Edward's breathing finally regulated, Darcy rang the call bell. Nanny gingerly opened the door but Darcy dismissed her with a wave of his hand. He had never treated a servant so rudely before, but his fury could not be concealed. A young housemaid then tip-toed in and Darcy ordered some food and a sparkling, raspberry drink for Edward. Cook would know what to send up.

Rocking and hugging him tightly, Darcy made a start. “Edward, I know it hurt you terribly to hear Mummy in such pain, but you are wrong to think it was anything the baby was doing to her. She was not at all at fault.” Edward started to object but Darcy stopped him saying, “Let me explain. When I have finished, you can ask all the questions you like, all right?” Edward nodded.

“It isn't the baby that is hurting Mummy, it is Mummy's own body that is creating the pain. It has to stretch to make enough room for the baby to come out.” Edward looked at him with wide eyes.

I can't believe I am telling this to a three year old, thought Darcy, but he knew it was the only way. Hopefully, Edward would not ask for further details. From past experience, the family had learned that Edward was a very logical and thoughtful child. Their explanations had to make sense, for he would not accept anything that did not ring true.

“But how can Mummy's body hurt itself? I still don't understand.”

“Well, our bodies hurt us when something is wrong or if there is something there that doesn't belong. When you've got a splinter deep in your finger, what does your body do to tell you to take it out? It creates pain. Correct? When you've eaten too much cake and your tummy just can't hold it, what do you do? “ Edward chuckled. “Exactly, and sometimes you get a tummy ache to let you know that you must get rid of it. It is your own body that is making your tummy hurt. The same holds true for a toothache, or even a headache. It is the way your body warns you that something is wrong.”

“But why would Mummy's body hurt her so much now? What does her body think is wrong?”

“Edward, you ask the best questions, my clever boy! The baby had gotten too big to stay in Mummy's tummy and her body was telling her it was time for it to come out into the world. That is why your poor mama was in such pain. Believe me Edward, your sister had nothing to do with it. When you were born, Mama's body did the same thing, but she never blamed you. It is just the way it is. So... should we be thankful that we are men and are spared the pain?”

Edward nodded and seemed satisfied with this explanation and Darcy hoped he was now ready to let him go. “Edward, your tea will be up shortly and there is a sweet , new drink for you to try. I must speak to Dr. Morrison, and I promise to ask him when you can come in to see Mama.” Darcy nearly choked on his words as he had no idea what had actually come to pass behind that closed door. He now had no choice but to let Nanny back into the nursery; he knew he needed her.

“Nanny,” said Darcy when he opened the door and found her waiting there, “Please keep Edward well entertained in the nursery. He is not permitted out until I, or another member of the family fetch him. Do you think you could manage that?” he said sarcastically. He was sorry the moment he said it, but it could not be helped. He could barely look at the woman. “Edward, I expect a good report from Nanny. Do you understand?”

Edward nodded, and sulking, let himself sink further down into the large chair.


Darcy entered his bedchamber without knocking. He would not allow another soul to keep anything hidden from him. Morrison's calm voice emerged from the foot of the bed where a white sheet covered the lower half of Elizabeth's body. He was wielding a needle and thread. “The baby was breach Darcy and it was a very difficult birth, but your wife was very brave indeed.”

Taking a few steps towards the bed, he now saw blood-stained toweling strewn on the floor. His heart sank. He edged closer and took Elizabeth's hand in his. Her eyes were closed and she did not respond to his touch, but he could see that she was breathing without difficulty and there was movement behind her closed lids. He bent to kiss her. “Forgive me, Elizabeth, forgive me for not being here. Oh, my precious girl!” He was about to break down when Mrs. Reynolds rose from the settee on the far side of the room and came towards him.

“Would you like to see your beautiful daughter, Master Darcy? The mistress told us that you had agreed on the name ”Susan” for a girl, so we have been calling her by her name from the moment she was born. I think she would like to meet her papa.” And without asking, she proceeded to place the baby in his arms, though she was well aware of how unsteady and emotional he was. It was clear he needed the distraction.

“Wrinkled, red and ugly. My poor, sweet girl,” said Darcy. “You are certainly not that! I will have to correct your big brother on that score.”

Mrs. Reynolds pulled a chair up to the head of the bed and Darcy sat down, having tucked Susan into the crux of his right arm. With his left, he caressed Elizabeth's face and hair. Was she sleeping or had she passed out? He was too frightened to ask.

“Mrs. Darcy will probably sleep for some time.” said Dr. Morrison, drying his hands and rolling down his sleeves. “She is obviously exhausted and has been left weakened by the ordeal, but she is strong. And do not worry about your little one needing to feed; she would not get any milk this soon in any case. But I will send a wet nurse to stand by. Now tell me, how is Edward doing?”

“I don't really know. He has been traumatized by this experience, that is certain. When I left him he seemed calmer. He needs so see -- with his own eyes – that his mother is all right. When would it be safe to bring him in, do you think? Should I wait until Elizabeth is awake?”

“No, she may not wake for several hours and there is no point in his worrying about her for so long. He needs to know that he hasn't lost her. Bring him in now: I'll wait. A doctor's reassurance may help.”

“Thank you, Morrison, but first, I'm afraid I need some reassurance myself. Is she in any danger? Please be truthful.”

“Darcy, you know I always am. It will take some time for her to heal and regain her strength, but I do not foresee any problems. I shall keep a close eye on her for the next few days. and Mrs. Pritchett has already been instructed as to her diet. Lots of iron rich foods and broths. But, she is not permitted out of bed for any reason for the next forty eight hours, at least. She won't be happy about that.”

“No, certainly not. But we will see to it that she obeys. Thank you, Morrison. Thank you for helping her through this.” Darcy shook the good doctor's hand. “I shall fetch Edward and put an end to his misery, poor boy.”


Although his father held his hand in a firm grip, Edward wrangled free and ran to his mother's bedside. He had one knee already well planted on the mattress when Darcy scooped him up and began to scold. “Edward, really! If you can't do as you're told I'll remove you fourth with. You cannot disturb Mummy, no less climb into bed with her.” Darcy shook his head in frustration and looked to Morrison for support.

“Edward, you know your Mummy's tummy is very sore, and we must all be careful not to bump it in any way. What you can do, is hold her hand and tell her how much you love her.”

“But I want her to wake up,” Edward complained. “I need to kiss her and tell her something. Something important.”

“Well, mummy needs her sleep and we cannot allow you to wake her, but … you can give her a very soft kiss on her cheek if you like.” Edward nodded eagerly, and Darcy lifted him over the bed. He lowered his head to Elizabeth's face and watched as Edward gave her countless kisses and began to weep. “I'm sorry Mama, I'm sorry. Nanny will say I've been very naughty but I knew I just had to come home. I had to save you from that bad baby. I had to!”

Darcy closed his eyes. So much for logic and reason! Edward was three years old and no matter how clever, he was still a baby himself.

“Well done, Edward,” said Morrison, winking at Darcy. “Mummy will sleep all the better now that she has felt your kisses. Let us leave her to rest. Perhaps you can have a rest as well. You've had a very tiring day, and Nanny will be happy to read to you.”

“No, no! I don't want to go to her. She is very cross with me.”

“Indeed? Do you know why she is so cross?” Morrison asked.

Edward nodded and shamefully lowered his head. Darcy and Morrison exchanged glances.

“Well, this has been a very trying day for everyone,” said Darcy bending down to embrace him. “I am sure that Nanny will forgive you if you sincerely apologize and promise to behave better.”

Edward shook his head. “She'll never forgive me,” he whispered.

“Let us see Dr. Morrison out, Edward. Then we shall talk to Nanny together and see if we can't sort this problem out.”


Darcy invited Nanny Henderson to join them in the small parlor and bade her sit opposite Edward and himself on the settee.

“Nanny, Edward is aware that he has grossly misbehaved today and I thought it best if we talked it over together. Please tell me what Edward has done wrong.”

“Master Darcy, I would prefer if Edward would tell you himself. Quite honestly, I would like to hear what he was thinking.”

Darcy was a bit confused by this response, but nodded to his son to begin. Edward sat quietly twisting the edge of his jumper. “Edward, start at the beginning. It will get easier as you talk about it.”

“Mummy called me in and told me the baby was coming. She said that Nanny and I would go out for the day and have special adventures. But I didn't want to go. I wanted to stay with Mummy.

Nanny nodded and Darcy knew he was telling the truth.

“We went to the park. Nanny brought my hoop and my sailboat, and I played with John and Eric for a while. But then it started to rain, so Nanny took me to Bender's bakery for a treat. We kept hoping the rain would stop, but it only got worse. So we went to the Nature Museum and walked around there, but I kept saying that I wanted to go home. Nanny said we couldn't … because of the baby. I knew that baby would change everything. She wasn't even born yet and already she was more important than me,” he said resentfully.

Darcy looked shamefully at Nanny. He had accused her unjustly. It was not only Edward who owed her a huge apology.

“So what happened then?” Darcy prodded Edward to continue.

“Well … I suppose I got too noisy in the museum so Nanny had to take me out. We ran to the library down the street, but after a while I got tired of reading. I just wanted to come home. Finally Nanny found us a cab and we rode towards home. But I don't think the driver knew where he was going because he went round and round in circles. He passed our house three times but wouldn't stop to let us out. I got really angry at him, and when he had to slow down a bit I … I opened the door and jumped out.”

“You what?” shouted Darcy incredulously. “You jumped out of a moving cab? Do you have any idea how dangerous that was? Nanny, he must have scared you half to death! What did you do?”

“The driver stopped and I ran out after him, of course. But truly, Master Darcy, I could not keep up with him! He disappeared down the street and I had no idea if he knew the way home. Needless to say, he did. As I rounded the corner I saw him banging on the door and watched as Mr. Strickland took him inside. Unfortunately he arrived home at the peek of Mrs. Darcy's labor and was terribly upset by it. Everyone tried to calm him, to reason with him, to remove him, but he was so distraught we simply could not contain him! I'm very sorry that I wasn't able to keep him out longer. I tried. I really did. I did my best, Mr. Darcy! Mrs. Pritchett and I had agreed on a signal. I would know it was safe to come home when the parlor curtains were open. Naturally, they were drawn tight. That is why I didn't have the driver stop. But I had no idea where else to go, Master Darcy, so we kept driving about.” Nanny Henderson sought out her handkerchief to wipe her eyes.

Darcy took his head in his hands and sat raking his fingers through his hair. Would the horrors of this day never end?

“Edward, stand up and sincerely apologize to Nanny for frightening her so. This will be the first of many apologies, but I believe you have a great deal of thinking to do before you can be truly sorry for everything you've done. And I would not blame Nanny for not accepting your apology. Then go up to the nursery and put yourself to bed. Nanny will not be helping you tonight. Now do as I say,” he said firmly.

“But Papa, it's not bedtime.”

“It is for you!”

Edward stepped forward and whispered his apology to Nanny, then turned to his father expecting a hug. Seeing his expression, he turned and quietly went up the stairs.

“Nanny, what can I say? I treated you horribly. I do beg your understanding. I had no idea that you tried so hard to keep Edward away from home. I should not have been so hasty to make an assumption. I do apologize.”

Nanny nodded, dabbed her eyes and said, “I wish to relieve Mrs. Reynolds, if I may? She and Mrs. Pritchett have been caring for Susan all this while. I shall come and let you know how she is doing every few hours if you wish.” With that, she left her master to his own troubled thoughts.

So it was Edward's jealousy that had set off these unfortunate events!


Darcy had been sitting by Elizabeth's side for some twenty minutes, holding her hand and praying, when he heard the welcome sounds of happy conversation and laughter. The family was home, and from the sound of it, the hearing had gone well. He bent close to Elizabeth's ear and whispered the good news. “I shall go down to congratulate Anne and hurry back to you. Sleep, my love, sleep.”

But by the time he reached the landing and looked down, all conversation had ceased and anxious faces looked up at him. He descended the stairs and went directly to Anne saying, “I can only imagine that it is done, and well done at that! Congratulations Anne! I am so very happy for you … and for all of us. We have missed you terribly.”

“Elizabeth, what of Elizabeth?” asked Anne, anxiously. “Strickland said she had a terrible time.”

“She did. I believe we all did, given her suffering … but she is sleeping comfortably now and little Susan is very well and simply adorable. Although I warn you that Edward is not of that opinion and may not behave as he should. The green eyed monster has taken up residence in his little soul.”

“Oh, brother, I am sorry,” said Georgiana, coming to embrace him. “It is a very good day for us, nevertheless. Anne and Simon are free to be happy, Susan is healthy, and Elizabeth … well Elizabeth will soon recover, I am sure. She shall receive the very best of care and all the love in the world from us.”

Everyone nodded and echoed Georgiana's feelings as, one by one, they came to shake his hand and embrace him.

“What of Aunt Catherine?” asked Darcy. “Has she returned to the Matlocks?”

“No, she has not,” said Richard. “My parents tried to persuade her to come and talk it through, but she would not. She has gone to that small hotel on the square and has sent her lady's maid to collect her things. I imagine she'll return to Rosings in the morning. Father said he would give it some time and then visit Rosings. Her pride will surely give way at some point.”

“I do hope that is true,” said Darcy. “I would not wish such isolation on anyone.”

“Perhaps she will come to understand how I felt without extended family or friends at home,” said Anne. “Although, I believe she thought that she was all the company I ever needed.”

Anne allowed herself to lean against Simon and squeezed his hand. “And if she does not, we need not have any guilty regrets. We have let her know that our hearts are open.”

Georgiana was eager to shift the melancholy mood again and asked if she and Anne could go up to see Elizabeth. They were given permission, of course, but instructed not to wake her. Meanwhile, Simon and Richard were eager to meet little Susan, and Darcy accompanied them to the infant nursery that had been set up for her. Edward had never been expected to give up his peace and quiet, but now, more than ever, it was best for him to be on his own.

While Georgiana and Anne were sitting by Elizabeth's side, Dr. Morrison returned to check in on her. During his examination, she awoke, not immediately remembering all that had happened. She asked about the baby first, then inquired about Edward. “Dr. Morrison, did I dream that he was screaming just behind the door, or was it my imagination?”

“No, Mrs. Darcy, you were not dreaming. He was quite distraught. But his father soon calmed and reassured him. You need not worry.”

“Oh, but I must see him immediately,” said Elizabeth, trying to pull herself into a sitting position. “Oh my, that hurts,” she suddenly cried, and lowered herself back down. “I did not expect that!”

“Mrs. Darcy, you are not to sit, or even roll onto your side for the next few days without help. You must obey my orders if you wish to heal properly.” His tone was most severe. “We shall place you in the most comfortable position possible, but you are not permitted to move on your own. Is that understood? I have shown Mrs. Reynolds how to turn you with the help of your linens and she will teach the others.”

Elizabeth nodded, looking chaste. The pain that had not yet fully subsided did not deter her, however, from demanding to see her son. Mrs. Reynolds, who had been sitting quietly on the far side of the room, hurried to her bedside.

“Forgive me, Mistress, but I believe he has already been sent to bed.”

“Already? What time is it? Oh, the time does not matter! Tip-toe in and see if he is truly asleep. I know he won't rest easy until he sees that all is well. Please!” she begged.

“Perhaps I should fetch Mr. Darcy first, Madam. I believe the early bedtime was a punishment of sorts.”

“A punishment?” she shouted. She was completely shocked and clearly irritated. “Yes, please have my husband come to me immediately. Is this the way he wishes Edward to remember his sister's birth?”

Dr. Morrison raised his brows and Elizabeth knew she had said too much. In four years of marriage, she had never uttered a negative word about Fitzwilliam in front of the servants. “Mrs. Reynolds, wait!” she called out. “Please forgive my little outburst. I've behaved badly, but I hope you understand that my emotions are not completely under my control just now. Please let us keep it between ourselves.”

Mrs. Reynolds chuckled. “Not to worry, Mistress. It seems it is a good day for behaving badly in the Darcy household. Everyone seems to be doing it. I shall fetch the Master for you.”

“And I shall say good night, Mrs. Darcy,” said Morrison. “Remember to call for help if you wish to be turned. The ladies of your household are eager to help you.”


The last thing that Darcy expected to hear upon reaching his wife's bedside was a reprimand concerning Edward's bedtime. He allowed her to vent her anger, but the slight grin on his lips infuriated her further. “Edward will remember this as a horrible day for the rest of his life and he will resent poor Susan for it, not you. Why on earth would you do such a thing? And why are you smiling now, Fitzwilliam?”

“I am smiling because you have the spirit and strength to chastise me, my beautiful, feisty girl! How wonderful to see you so much better!” Here, his emotions suddenly got the better of him and he bent to rest his cheek against hers. “Good G-d, Elizabeth, there were moments I thought I had lost you.”

“Oh, Fitzwilliam, my darling love, I am sorry. What a terrible ordeal it must have been for you as well. But it is over now ... for both of us, and we have the gift of a beautiful baby girl. I only saw her for a few minutes when she was first born, but then Dr. Morrison insisted she be taken out so he could concentrate on his work. I don't remember very much after that.”

“No, I imagine not. You fell into a very deep sleep … so deep in fact that I thought you were unconscious at times. I kept whispering to you and stroking your hand, but still you slept. But now I have my Lizzy back,” thank G-d.”

“Fitzwilliam, tell me what went on with Edward … please, I must know!”

“I shall, as soon as I have sent for some broth for you. Morrison insists that you drink as much as you can. Here, we'll start with a little water.”

“I am very dry. But how am I to manage lying so flat?”

“I shall raise your head and shoulders a bit and support you. I have been well trained,” he chuckled.”

When Darcy finished relating Edward's unfortunate story, Elizabeth, who had been weeping quietly throughout, wiped her eyes and said, “You are right that we must punish him severely for jumping out of the carriage, Fitzwilliam. It is unthinkable that he should even conceive of it and then actually do it! But let us delay. Let us comfort him for now. He is just three years old. We tend to forget that.”

From the state of his pillow, Darcy could see that Edward had cried himself to sleep. He smoothed the hair from his son's face and picked him up in his arms. Edward murmured sleepily, “You've come to hug me good night, Papa. I knew you would.”

“Mama is asking for you, Edward. Please show me and her that you can listen and do as you are told.”

“I will, I will, Papa. I promise!”

Mother and son spent a wonderful half hour together, giving each other as much tender affection as was possible under the circumstances. Elizabeth did not let on that she knew about the serious crimes he had committed throughout the day. She did not wish to spoil these memorable moments.

“Now, I shall have some hot broth and go back to sleep myself. You do the same, my darling boy. Have Nanny bring you some warm milk so you can easily fall back to sleep. I shall see you in the morning … but only when Papa permits. He will know when I am ready for visitors.”

Edward gave his mother's hand a last kiss, then took his father's hand and pulled him towards the nursery. “Good night, Papa,” he said, hugging his leg. “I shall try to be better tomorrow.”


Dinner was a simple and quiet affair for the rest of the family. They spoke in muted tones about the highlights of the day in court. They laughed about Cotswold's changing expressions and marveled at Lady Matlock's moving and courageous testimony.

“Having all the family there to support me was wonderful. It meant a great deal to me,” said Anne. “I would not have blamed anyone for wanting to stay clear of the scandal. I understand the newspapers are printing many of the testimonies word for word! Tomorrow morning our family troubles will be talked about at every breakfast table in England. I am so sorry.” She fought back her tears and somehow managed to keep control of her emotions.

“I for one am very proud of our family, and none more so than my dear Mama. She was magnificent, was she not?” said Richard. Everyone agreed.

“It was very kind of your parents to take Juliana home,” said Simon. “I knew that Anne wanted to hurry home to Elizabeth, and I didn't want to send Julie home in a cab on her own.”

“I would have taken her, of course, but she insisted that I stay with all of you,” said Richard. “I hope Fitzwilliam will not object, but I invited her to come for breakfast in the morning. As our little engagement party had to be postponed, I thought it would be nice for her to finally meet the rest of the family. Of course, that was before I knew of Elizabeth's difficult delivery.”

“I am sure Fitzwilliam will be oblivious to anything going on beyond the bedchamber and the nursery.” said Georgiana. “It may not be the right time to make these introductions, but I know that Anne and I will be happy to see her. I'm glad you made the invitation, Richard.”


The next morning found Colonel Fitzwilliam stationed by the foyer window awaiting Juliana's arrival. As soon as she emerged from the coach he could see that something was terribly wrong. Simon had gone to fetch her and was now carrying in a rather large satchel. Richard raced outside.

“Papa has withdrawn his consent for us to marry,” said Juliana tearfully. “I have left home, Richard, and I think we should elope immediately.”

Dearest Anne Book 2 Chapter 15

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