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Re: Origin Story, 2 (end)

July 12, 2021 01:12AM
I'll admit I didn't catch on to Celsia until you explained it here, but I liked it all the same: it felt right even if I didn't exactly know why. Reminds me of a behind-the-scenes clip about the making of The Incredibles where Brad Bird talks about the "No Capes" montage and how difficult it was to come up with superhero names that weren't under copyright already.

This chapter felt slightly less edited in places (a few odd punctuation/sentence things), but I really liked how you were able to tell a complete hero/villain story in only two parts, satisfactory on both a plot and emotional level. Thanks for sharing.

Origin Story, 2 (end)

NN SJuly 09, 2021 01:51PM

Re: Origin Story, 2 (end)

MichelleRWJuly 12, 2021 01:08AM

Re: Origin Story, 2 (end)

Suzanne OJuly 10, 2021 12:49AM

Re: Origin Story, 2 (end)

NN SJuly 09, 2021 01:55PM

Re: Origin Story, 2 (end)

MichelleRWJuly 12, 2021 01:12AM

Re: Origin Story, 2 (end)

EvelynJeanJuly 10, 2021 05:43AM


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