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Re: Gentlemen of Gloucestershire: Chapter 6

September 27, 2021 12:25PM
I wish to alert there are spoilers below:

Some ladies might have objected to sharing Adam's lot of toiling among the thorns and thistles; or, as in the present case, shrubs and shallots. But Catherine was very glad to be outside after the previous day’s business, and needed little inducement to leave off the mending for another time.

I love this—it seems that most of JA heroines could fit the bill; I could easily see Elizabeth, Elinor, Anne, and Fanny doing likewise. I love how you highlight this aspect — with what she and Henry signify for the parish, and thus drawing upon holy writ is perfect and you do it so well, not just here, but in other instances too.

In truth, she also enjoyed labouring alongside her husband; as he left off his coat, rolling up his shirtsleeves to keep the dirt off, Catherine found plenty to admire even in the grey dreariness of the day.

If such was the amusement received by Catherine, a still rather innocent young wife, I leave it for the reader to determine how much Henry's labours were lightened by seeing her in high spirits, the breeze teasing hair loose from her cap or occasionally whipping her old skirts about to reveal boot and calf.

As in the last chapter, their attraction towards one another is evident and heartwarming to read, continually increasing my admiration for their excellent sense in what brings true happiness and lasting fulfillment in this world, the genuine essence that all the riches can’t begin to buy.

Let us then pity poor Will, who had just as much to do, and only the dogs to distract him by scattering what he piled up.

Poor Will must be in want of a wife, I should think; but perhaps he is too young; and it’s just like our dear doggies’ spontaneous assistance to keep us busy. smiling smiley

with manners more akin to a Du Pont than Morano

Perfect insertion in reference to the gothic novels that have influenced Catherine! I loved it!

I hate that Henry must go after his indolent, irresponsible brother with dark clouds looming overhead—but alas, he is, after all, his brother’s keeper. I freely admit, I’m a bit nervous something more foreboding than a squall is on the horizon. I’m looking forward to your next post, yet fearing it all the same.

P.S. Your map is very impressive and I liked reading about the development of Mr. Wilcox. So far, however, I’m not impressed with him.


Gentlemen of Gloucestershire: Chapter 6

MichelleRWSeptember 27, 2021 11:30AM

Re: Gentlemen of Gloucestershire: Chapter 6

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Re: Gentlemen of Gloucestershire: Chapter 6

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Re: Gentlemen of Gloucestershire: Chapter 6

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Re: Gentlemen of Gloucestershire: Chapter 6

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Re: Gentlemen of Gloucestershire: Chapter 6

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Re: Gentlemen of Gloucestershire: Chapter 6

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