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Re: Gentlemen of Gloucestershire: Chapter 7

September 28, 2021 02:44AM

Oh my! This was an angsty chapter! As I mentioned earlier, poor Henry always having to be his brother’s keeper.

. . . and did the parson know the sheep had got out yesterday?

I love this add-on to what they know and the element of – hey, btw, did you hear the latest news about the sheep? It tickled me.

The child, barely in her eighth year, looked liable to drop her carefully balanced load at being singled out thus. Henry said nothing at first, not wishing to excite further harshness by countermanding the reproof, but after receiving a cup paid her a compliment and two pennies as vails before asking, "How are your good father and mother, Miss Prudence? I was sorry not to see them on Sunday."

Oh, I love Henry! I’m so glad you illustrate his intrinsic goodness – these glimpses are touching. And this too: "Excellent! I believe your boy has real talent, for my beast has never looked happier after a call at this residence," Henry said over loudly while offering a penny to the lad, who after a short nod from his father sprang with excited glee to take it.

Leading both horses on foot, he followed the piecemeal trail through the gloom, gingerly crossing the precarious ground till forced to stop when he could no longer see trace of a print in any direction, and he called out. There was no answer.

Oh, my heart fell in fear at the thought he’d go in deeper to search. Whew! I felt relief only to have it yanked from me again. Dang Skippy, Henry!

"And let that be a lesson for you, young Master Henry, 'ere you suffer the same!"

Oh my word! The situation is already dire enough and he goes and dwells upon the warnings of his childhood. Now that’s self- recrimination for you. Poor Henry, he’s in a rather frightful pickle.

Perhaps he would omit exactly how far he had to walk to seek said shelter when sending word.

Sending word?! When will that be? And I’m so frightened how long it will take for word to ever get to Catherine unless the horse is there for them.

"Come now, I have taken enough mud in the face for you today," was Henry's preamble as he bent to start the process over, cut short by his brother's curses.

Good for you Henry! At least you can voice your frustration and mine too!

What an ordeal this is — I could feel the desperate, muddy situation and thought can it get any worse? How in the world will he get out with such a load? And the leg with all the dirt, an infection could easily do Frederick in if it’s an open fracture, which I hope it isn't.

Well, this will be interesting to see how everything develops. I feel anxious for Catherine becoming anxious when her dear husband doesn’t return.

Despite my anxiety, I’m looking forward to the next chapter. Thank you very much!


Gentlemen of Gloucestershire: Chapter 7

MichelleRWSeptember 27, 2021 11:30PM

Re: Gentlemen of Gloucestershire: Chapter 7

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Re: Gentlemen of Gloucestershire: Chapter 7

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Re: Gentlemen of Gloucestershire: Chapter 7

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Re: Gentlemen of Gloucestershire: Chapter 7

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Re: Gentlemen of Gloucestershire: Chapter 7

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Re: Gentlemen of Gloucestershire: Chapter 7

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Re: Gentlemen of Gloucestershire: Chapter 7

MichelleRWSeptember 28, 2021 12:39AM


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