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Re: Gentlemen of Gloucestershire: Chapter 12

October 19, 2021 06:03PM
Spoilers Below:

This chapter is full of unease, yet so many tidbits, past and present, continue to paint a noble and steadfast portrait of our lovely couple.

--Catherine did not think to ask a tray be prepared for herself, not even when the maid brought the doctor's prescribed plate of gruel and thin wine for the sick man.

I worried beforehand that this might be the case.

-- . . . but Catherine had not fed two sisters and a brother from infancy for nothing.

I love how you add morsels of character bolstering experiences about her childhood and youth, and even Henry’s, which have influenced the present core of their natures.

--that she had stupidly forgot to ask for a fresh candle.

I’d hate to be in that abbey in the dark with my husband incapacitated, but as I read on, Catherine has her hands too full to be frightened. It’s incredible how brave one can be when someone else’s welfare precedes your own, and Henry does take precedence. Here again, fanciful notions are diminishing, and she's, indeed, become a woman in her own right.

--For pressed close she occasionally heard him call for his sister and once for someone else; she did not recognize the appellation but thought it might have been his mother, though dead for so many years. "And how awful if he should fancy himself all alone, with no one to care for him." It did not surprise her that the name of Henry's father never passed his lips.

This is very sad but understandable.

--It did not occur to Catherine to find a champion among the staff, or to use her position in any way that did not directly tie back to regaining Henry's health. Rather foolishly, although based on hard experience, she did not think there were many in the abbey of warm feelings, and certainly could not believe one among them would resist whatever miserly plot the general might design for his second son.

She feels completely friendless, and no wonder with the General being the tyrant that he is.

--the housekeeper returned, this time asking if the lady would please accept the food she brought. Amazed and dull with fatigue, Catherine readily accepted, and fell onto the meal with more vigour than her earlier words might have foretold. This absorption meant she barely noticed the other's work until finished, when glancing up she saw a small cot setup in the corner of the room. Seeing her looks, the older woman smiled. "The lady looked much better after a meal, would she be willing to lay down a bit?"

Oh this warmed my heart thoroughly! It's nice to know that not all of the staff and servants have become accustomed to their unpleasant master that they, in turn, mirror his behavior.

--The housekeeper checked on her by and by, and Catherine felt encouraged to ask for candles and more writing materials. "And, would it be possible, when Mr. Tilney's tray was brought, for it to have a bit of honey added? She was sure the doctor could not object, and it might aid him in receiving his nourishment better." All was provided without question, to Catherine's great relief.

Quick thinking on her part! Very practical girl, stemming from her sensible, industrious upbringing!

-- . . . his colour was much better, and though still warm his flesh was not as fiery as it had been. These encouraging signs lightened her spirits as much as her earlier rest, and she wished she could avoid waking him altogether. But she would not risk his recovery by foolish inattention to the doctor's instructions: Henry's strength must be kept up.

I'm so happy that his color has improved and that his fever is abating somewhat.

He startled at her touch and call with a motion more alert than any in the past day, and she felt she had never been happier than when he looked directly at her with a question of "Catherine?"

And, this ending is cheering, for which I’m incredibly grateful. I sincerely hope he’s over the worst of it. (And, since I read your lovely excerpt, I now know he is. Yay! Happy Dance!!)


Gentlemen of Gloucestershire: Chapter 12

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Re: Gentlemen of Gloucestershire: Chapter 12

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