January 07, 2022 12:59AM
You're quite welcome. With Lady Susan, I always go back to Catherine's Vernon description, "What a horrible woman!" She really is just a snake.

I've always thought the Christmas after the events of Lady Susan (which, fandom authors take note, actually takes place during Christmas!) would be all kinds of awkward for Reginald De Courcy: forced to spend time in the company of the woman he almost married due to wedding her daughter. So when thinking about this challenge I immediately leapt to explore it.

Softening Fortune's Frown

MichelleRWJanuary 06, 2022 11:30AM

Re: Softening Fortune's Frown

Lucy J.January 26, 2022 04:14AM

Re: Softening Fortune's Frown

Sandy WJanuary 07, 2022 12:47AM

Re: Softening Fortune's Frown

MichelleRWJanuary 07, 2022 12:59AM


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