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Re: Crawford, Chapter 3

June 18, 2022 06:00PM
"This showed Miss Crawford feeling exactly what she should." Edmund's blindness is just painful here. His own feelings of unselfishness and love for a rather undeserving brother are indeed exactly what they should be, however, and I respect him for that. I'm not sure what you have in mind, but I do hope he learns the truth before making an irrevocable decision.

That's quite a performance Henry put on for Sir Thomas. So frustrating that he continues to refuse to face what he has done. He is compounding lie upon lie. I wonder how many of them he actually believes, or at least *wants* to believe. It is so much easier for him to think he had logical reasons and a perfect right to be around Maria, than to admit that he grew frustrated with waiting for Fanny and sought out (or didn't try to avoid) an easier flirtation with an easier target. So much easier to think Maria somehow forced him(??). So much easier to believe Fanny will be his salvation than to seek salvation at its true source.

He condemns himself from his own mouth as "a monster of depravity"--but only for persuasive effect. He seems as incapable of acknowledging his true character as Edmund is of recognizing Mary's. Seeing him more desperate and devious than ever before, I'm growing concerned for Fanny's safety. He is showing himself capable of anything.

Any chance Edmund took Fanny riding and they just happened to be near enough to overhear that last conversation? Although I expect they would have made themselves known rather than eavesdrop. I can still hope though...

Crawford, Chapter 3

Suzanne OJune 17, 2022 08:51PM

Re: Crawford, Chapter 3

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Re: Crawford, Chapter 3

EvelynJeanJune 21, 2022 03:42AM

Re: Crawford, Chapter 3

Shannon KJune 18, 2022 06:00PM

Re: Crawford, Chapter 3

Suzanne OJune 18, 2022 07:07PM

Re: Crawford, Chapter 3

JeannineJune 18, 2022 03:00AM

Re: Crawford, Chapter 3

Suzanne OJune 18, 2022 07:03PM



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