February 15, 2023 02:30AM
In celebration of Valentine's day, a short peek into the married life of Clementine née Morse and Hiram Turley (aka Catherine & Henry). Sequel to "A Lonesome Two-Step" set in 1898 Texas.

"Oh my darling."

She refused to open her eyes.

"Oh my darling."

He would just keep at it, squeaking that high tenor he used when intent on teasing.

"Are you lost and gone forever?"

He didn't continue. She cracked one lid, curious, and strained to hear him. Had he, for once, given up?

"Dreadful sorry..." And there was his actual baritone, dulcet and coy.

She looked about and realized he was leaning against the bed at her side, knees bent to his ears and stockings resting silently on the rug, chin up, witch hazel eyes seeking hers as she leaned over to smile down. He let the last trace of a tune drift away like crumbs from a cake, practically begging her to join him. She let her lips rather than her notes answer, a tender nibble round the plate for sugar.

Like always, he had breath for more.



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Re: Encore

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Re: Encore

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