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DWG is now on Facebook!

January 22, 2012 04:14PM
Greetings Dwiggies,

Although it may be difficult to conceive, this year, DWG turns 15! Yes, that means 15 years of online entertainment centered on one woman and her novels. Who knew that when this site started 15 years ago, we'd still be here today, still writing, and still reading? It's a testament to you - our writers and our readers - that we are still here today. And we want to honor that.

The moderators have created a Facebook page for DWG! For those who have Facebook accounts, you will be able to "like" our page and receive periodic updates on your news feed about what stories have been added/updated. (Non-Facebook users will also have the ability to see the page, even without a Facebook account.) We won't promise to update daily, sorry, but we will promise to update regularly. We hope you will find this a positive feature for the community. It was done with special consideration towards those who have long requested some sort of a notification system to go along with our message boards.

We will also use the Facebook page to disseminate information regarding site maintenance. In the past, when DWG has experienced any downtime, we've had to rely on emails and word of mouth. It is our hope that with a Facebook page, we will be able to reach a broader audience. Likewise, it will serve as a tool for community members who are experiencing technical difficulties in accessing the site but have no other means by which they may communicate with the community to figure out why that might be.

The Facebook page will not supplant our community message boards, though, and we hope that you will continue to direct your conversations towards the DWG story board and Tea Room, as appropriate. In particular, we request that if you want to leave feedback for a story update, you do so under the appropriate story board thread (as you have always done) rather than the Facebook post that mentions the update. By doing so, you ensure that everyone, and in particular the author, will be able to see your message.


If you have any questions regarding this matter, please direct them to the Tea Room post about this same matter and/or send us an email.

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DWG is now on Facebook!

Amy I.January 22, 2012 04:14PM

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