March 17, 2018 02:20PM
Jane has indeed come a long way. In Death of a Fop. my first book about her, she learned to overcome being an abused wife, and to find herself, the Jane of 'Emma' was in the thrall of a really nasty piece of work who enjoyed humiliating her in public, brainwashed into believing that he was the only man she was likely to manage to attract. I wrote Death of a Fop because he was nauseatingly familiar, exactly like my abusive grandfather, who was also 'charming' to outsiders while things were going his way. Mr Knightley had his number! this is book 7, and Jane has had the chance to grow.

Jane and the sins of society 22-24 (Deleted)

Sarah WaldockMarch 15, 2018 07:30PM

Re: Jane and the sins of society 22-24

KarenteaMarch 16, 2018 11:33PM

Re: on Jane and her growth

Sarah WaldockMarch 17, 2018 02:20PM

Re: Jane and the sins of society 22-24

AlidaMarch 15, 2018 10:46PM

Re: I knew that cast list would be wanted!

Sarah WaldockMarch 16, 2018 03:53PM


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