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Re: Daisy 7-9

May 08, 2018 07:51PM
Aha, you divined my desire to show them coping with problems! some roads were tedious, but the Brighton roads in summer were full of traffic, and the more traffic you have, the more idiots are on the roads, a truism across the centuries. We were meeting a plane at Heathrow once, and although the traffic was moving around the M25 [the London ring road] at an average of 6mph, a speed which most travellers in the Recency would have scorned as sluggish, it was still more exciting than was comfortable at times when the loonies in sports cars tried to weave in and out of lanes, to get ahead. Apparently there was something being played at Wembley stadium which caused the hold-ups and bad behaviour of the sports fanatics, and I confess that it was in my mind when I wrote some of the scenes in Daisy!

I am grateful to Geoffrey Hewlett for his excellent book on The Coach Roads to Brighton, all of which the enthusiastic fellow has walked, and his bibliography gave me some ebay searching as well. I am now the proud possessor of an 1812 post office survey with 7 maps as well as a list of the coaching inns and destinations in London, the inns in the various towns, and times of the coaches. I gloat.

Daisy 7-9 (Deleted)

Sarah WaldockMay 07, 2018 10:42AM

Re: Daisy 7-9

ShannaGMay 08, 2018 08:47PM

Re: Daisy 7-9

LilyMay 08, 2018 11:45AM

Re: Daisy 7-9

Sarah WaldockMay 08, 2018 07:51PM

Re: Daisy 7-9

LilyMay 08, 2018 09:35PM

Re: thank you so much!

Sarah WaldockMay 08, 2018 11:49PM

Re: Daisy 7-9

KarenteaMay 07, 2018 08:50PM

Re: sadly pulled

Sarah WaldockMay 08, 2018 07:42PM

lol grinning smiley. nfm

KarenteaMay 08, 2018 08:01PM


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