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Re: Daisy 10-12

May 10, 2018 09:37PM
I wouldn't have thought Mr. Chattaway so cruel! Was he just as bad in Marianne's book? Whatever, he deserved every punch he got and the tooth he lost. I don't like violence for its own sake, but in such cases as these, a villain must be knocked out smiling smiley

My favourite scene was when Daisy and Julian were on the beach and he started writing. As someone who occasionally writes poetry, I know the mood and the setting and the company must be just right to let yourself feel the words you have inside, just waiting to be written. That Julian trusted Daisy so much really moved me.

Last but not least, Captain Wrenn, eh? That explosion was just the thing to introduce him, a real event from the past as perfect setting of their first meeting. Besides, who wouldn't be smitten with an angel of mercy in the form of an attractive nurse?

Thanks for the great update!

Daisy 10-12 (Deleted)

Sarah WaldockMay 10, 2018 06:28PM

Re: Daisy 10-12

ShannaGMay 12, 2018 03:01AM

Re: Daisy 10-12

Sarah WaldockMay 12, 2018 11:14AM

Re: Daisy 10-12

AlidaMay 11, 2018 01:42AM

Re: Daisy 10-12

LilyMay 10, 2018 09:37PM

Re: Daisy 10-12

Sarah WaldockMay 10, 2018 10:09PM


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