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Titled? ~ 70

June 14, 2018 03:49PM

Chapter Seventy

She had been right. Palace staff took her to Isabelle, who clapped her hands approvingly when she saw her and who then led her to a very neat bedroom.

“You’re not asking anything,” Isabelle remarked.

“I had worked out what your purpose was.” Or at least some of it. Anna Margaret studied the room. The only things that were missing seemed to be pyjamas and a cot for the baby. She was definitely meant to rest here. “But…”

“You give him to me. He will be taken care of.”

Considering that she had left Alexander with her own staff for a while that morning, Anna Margaret did not think she had suddenly developed into the possessive and protective person that she had read some people became after giving birth. She noted this dispassionately. Not being overly possessive did make things easier. And Isabelle was an experienced mother. Unless she was not going to look after the baby herself. “Who…?”

“Me. Good people.”

“But he might become hungry,” she suddenly realised.

“I have plenty, unless you think that’s a problem? Feed him now, in that case.”

“I don’t really.” She did not even know what Isabelle meant precisely by having plenty. She gave nursing a try, but Alex was not interested. It made her wonder if she should have tried harder or perhaps some other way, but she was not yet experienced enough. “He doesn’t seem to be hungry,” she concluded in an attempt to sound knowledgeable.

“That is all right. I’ll feed him when he is.”

“With what? Not a bottle?” She frowned. She would like to avoid bottles for as long as possible.

“Even that could be arranged. But it’s easier to just nurse.”

“Would he want that?”

“He? Oh, I doubt he would care. It’s you who might object.”

Anna Margaret gave it some thought. “No. And what do I sleep in?” Her work clothes were more comfortable these days, but still not comfortable enough to sleep in.

“A bed.”

“I mean, clothes.”

Isabelle studied the bed. “There is a white nightgown on the pillow.”

Anna Margaret looked again. “Oh, now I see it. Thank you.” She figured she had best go with the flow and to be honest a little sleep would be very welcome. It was really more welcome than kicking a fuss for being ordered around. “And what time am I expected to get up?”

“Whenever you like.” Isabelle hesitated. “We are being interviewed in the late afternoon, though.”

“Who is we?” With queens you never knew.


“But what does that have to do with me?”

“If you want to sit in, you can.”

“Is that in the script?”

“There is no script. I’m trying to de-script.”

Anna Margaret tried to imagine what that would be like, but she felt too dull. “I’m not sure. Interviews are rarely entertaining. And I honestly don’t see how many questions you could ask about a baby until you stray into forbidden territory.”

“Actually I should welcome some,” Isabelle said with a dangerous smile. “Just to put people right, you know. The nonsense generator has been working overtime again out there.”

Anna Margaret had been in worse hotel rooms. This guest room even had a private bathroom with all that she might require and a nice view. After sending a quick message to Frederick – although she supposed he had been informed – she closed the curtains and went to bed. There was nothing else to do.

When she woke, she forgot for an instant that she had a baby, although she soon remembered when she wondered where she was. The nap had been very refreshing.

Outside the room sat a uniformed girl reading a book. Evidently she was supposed to help with anything Anna Margaret might require.

“Can you take me to…” She considered how to continue. “I suppose where they keep my baby?”

“Of course, madam,” said the girl, whose name tag made her out to be Gaby. “Could I help you with anything else?”

“No, thank you.” She checked her phone again, although she had checked it after waking up. “Perhaps something to eat.”

“I’ll see to that. What would you like?”

“A sandwich? I don’t mind what’s on it.”

Isabelle was being coiffed and made up. “Ah, there you are,” she said to Anna Margaret. “Still in time. Would you like your hair done as well?”

Anna Margaret had splashed a bit of water onto herself in the bathroom, but suspected her hair did not look too impressive. “Depends. I don’t want to give the wrong sort of impression. That after having had a baby you look better than before.”

“Just a bit of retouching of the blue rings.”

“I suppose I have no say in whether I join in on this interview then.”

“You can choose not to speak, but you won’t manage. It’s not that big. Someone is coming over to see us present the babies and he will ask a few polite questions. That’s all.”

It sounded simple enough. “But you hoped there would be silly questions.”

“Part of me does,” Isabelle admitted. “But another part of me thinks I shouldn’t answer them. You can, though.”

“I see why my presence is required,” Anna Margaret commented dryly. “What happened to Philip showing him in one of those white things, though?”

“That’s a hospital thing. Max was born here. Besides, the white gown is in the museum and we saw no reason to get it out.” Isabelle paused for a few seconds. “And if you’re not dressing yours in one, I am not either.”

“That’s the reverse of what people would expect – you following me,” Anna Margaret observed. “Where are the babies?”

“In the next room. Aurelie is looking after them. She has the afternoon off.”

“Did you sleep?”

“No, I had things to do. I slept all morning.”

“Was Alex hungry?”

“Yes. Are you sure he’s getting enough?”

Anna Margaret felt annoyed – or perhaps ignorant. “Of course. I’m not sure. I’m not an expert.”

“I didn’t mean to criticise. I merely thought him a bit calm. Which could be because he knew I wasn’t you and he didn’t immediately realise what to do – although I don’t know if they’re capable of that yet at this age. He seemed to be studying me first. So if he studies you first you might put him away before he figures out he wants to drink.”

“I haven’t noticed it,” Anna Margaret said curtly. She supposed Isabelle meant well, but she did nevertheless not like knowing so little about this. “He usually attacks me.”

“Then he didn’t trust me right away. But don’t worry. We’re good friends now. But maybe it’s good for your production to pump a little.”

“And where’s Frederick?” She disliked not knowing anything and having to ask questions. She certainly was not going to pump on command. “I suppose he knows where I am?” He had not replied to her message.

“I told him to do whatever it is that he does. Maybe he’s getting some extra sleep himself. He’ll pick you up later.”

A baby cried in the next room. “I wonder who that is,” said Isabelle.

“Oh, there are things you don’t know,” Anna Margaret commented. It was probably too mean of her, but Isabelle could be infuriating. “You can’t even hear which one it is?”

Isabelle clearly considered answering, but she refrained. Instead she called out, “Aurelie?”

Her daughter appeared a second later, already having been on her way towards the door with a baby in her arms. “This one is not happy. He has a dirty nappy, I think.”

“Change him.”

“What? Me?” Evidently Aurelie only liked the fun parts of babysitting.

“Who else?”

“Can’t Gaby do it?”

“She’s getting me a sandwich,” Anna Margaret said helpfully. She wondered if Gaby was the only member of staff around here. Apart from the hairdresser, naturally, who worked on stoically.

Aurelie smiled pleadingly at her aunt. “Can’t you do it? You know how. It’s not yours, but I guess they all operate the same way, don’t they?”

“That is literally what I said to her when I left them with her,” Isabelle whispered to Anna Margaret. “I’m so pleased that apparently some things do get through to them.”

“What are you saying about me, Mum?”

“I’m saying that no way are you allowed to get pregnant in the next ten years.”

“Last time you said it was twenty years, so that’s an improvement,” Aurelie shot back. “But in the meantime…what?” She gave the baby a pointed look. “Who?”

“Where’s your father then?”


“That leaves you no other option than to do it yourself then,” Isabelle said with a shrug.

Titled? ~ 70

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