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Any information you share on the message boards, archived stories, and Baronetage entries becomes public. The administrators will remove messages and archived stories at the request of the authors as quickly as possible. For message board posts, use the "Report" link to report posts you want removed. For archived stories, e-mail Crysty (crysty.janeite@gmail.com).

Email addresses: The Derbyshire Writers' Guild message boards require that users submit an e-mail address in order to register. Those e-mail addresses are only accessible by the DWG administrators and moderators. They will never be sold or shared with any third party.

Cookies: The message boards use cookies to recognize registered users and to display the message boards according to saved preferences. The cookies expire 30 days after the last time users have accessed the message boards. To learn more about cookies and how to remove them from your computer, see AboutCookies.org.

IP addresses: The Dwiggie.com server and message boards record IP addresses and produce server logs, but that data is only accessible to the web site administrators and moderators. We do not use the information to track specific visitors to the site, except for very rare cases of offensive messages or spam posted on the message boards. The administrators may block IP addresses used to post offensive material or spam.

Authors retain the copyright of their stories shared on Dwiggie.com. Contact the authors directly if you want to use or re-publish their works. Do not put copies of our stories on other web sites without the authors' permission.

If you have any questions or concerns about how personal information is retained and handled by Dwiggie.com, please contact Crysty (crysty.janeite@gmail.com).

Last updated: 1/27/12

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