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A. L. Marie, 1 story

An Impression of Leaves: Last update 02/15/2001.

a. shannon, 1 story

Harold the Horribly Hairy: A marauding stranger strikes fear into the hearts of a small town's citizens but is conquered by a courageous knight. Last update 01/07/2009. Completed.

Aja, 2 stories

Pond's Girls Belong to Cupid: Last update 08/07/2000.

The Nonpareil: A Romance: (ROMANCE) Last update 08/18/2000.

Alethea, 1 story

The Mirror: Is this tale an Allegory? Is the woman trapped physically and spiritually in a glass cage of her own making? Or has the world created one for her as it does for so many others? Then, in this jagged and pained room how can one find the key to free the trapped reflection? (DRAMA) Last update 08/07/2000.

Amy, 1 story

Taken Away: Last update 09/10/2000.

Amy A-NW, 1 story

An American Woman Abroad: Discovering Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill. (Emma Approved) Last update 11/29/2014. Completed.

Amy Beth, 1 story

Artifact: Last update 06/29/2013. Completed.

Amy I., 1 story

Understanding the Heart: Samantha has been in love with her best friend for years, but he's involved with someone else. (This story is missing a few chapters, but you can email the author for a copy of them.) (ROMANCE) Last update 04/22/2001. Completed.

Anita Misra, 3 stories

His Angel of Mercy: Angelina was used to fending for herself in a lonely corner of Dartmoor with her small yet devoted household to keep her company. After her parents died and left her with only the house to call her own, Angelina's one over-ruling concern was to look after Brooklyn Grange. Her solitary existence is threatened with the advent of a stranger in the middle of a freak snowstorm; and on top of that, the man doesn't even have the courtesy of remembering his own name! Last update 06/21/2012.

Rachel's Story: Last update 12/04/2011. Completed.

Rachel's Story, out-take : An out-take from Rachel's Story, this is Miranda's story, of the night she had to flee her secure life. Last update 08/11/2012. Completed.

Ann Claire & Hanna Amelia, 1 story

The Spinster Society: Last update 03/21/2007.

Anna P., 1 story

Jane Eyre: A Modern Retelling: In the nineteenth century came Jane Eyre, a woman ahead of her time. Now it's the 21st century, will she still be able to find happiness? Based on the novel by Charlotte Bronte. (DRAMA) Last update 10/17/2000. Completed.

Annie, 1 story

Wallflower: Try growing up in a vain, selfish and accusing world by yourself ,..orphaned and thrown aside because you’re not pretty nor popular enough. Here is a touching story of a girl who’s trying to do exactly that... (DRAMA, REAL-LIFE) Last update 08/08/2000.

Asia, 1 story

Kodoraino Kodomo: Last update 03/05/2001.

Aurora, 1 story

A World of Their Own: Last update 08/10/2000.

Authorsegun, 1 story

SURVIVORS (a novel): tbd Last update 10/19/2018.

Autumn D, 1 story

History Teacher: Last update 06/29/2013. Completed.

Bridgette London, 1 story

The London Bride: Last update 08/10/2000.

Britta, 1 story

Hope is a Bird: Last update 10/28/2002.

Bronwen, 3 stories

Georgiana: Last update 01/01/2000.

Once Upon A Time: Last update 10/28/2002.

Wolves in the Fold: Last update 01/01/2000.

Carmel, 3 stories

A Couple of Days and Dollars: Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

Beauty and the Beast: Last update 08/21/2000.

Romeo and Juliet, the Beginning: Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

Carmel S., 1 story

A Modern Parable: Elizabeth married to Count William Nosferatu travels to his homeland where he introduces her to things both horrific and wondrous... (HORROR) Last update 08/06/2000.

Cassi & Kara, 1 story

Separation: Last update 08/07/2000.

Cassie M., 3 stories

Girl's Night Out: The author's insane. (COMEDY, FAT, GREEN CHICKS INCLUDED!) Last update 01/01/2000. Completed.

Ten Days Straight: High tech meets low tech meets no tech. Just. Read. The. Story. (COMEDY, REAL-LIFE, KICKBOXERS) Last update 03/03/2002.

The Incurable Romantic: She's thirty, she was just fired, she doesn't look like Gwyneth Paltrow and worst of all Michelle has to give up her Starbucks latte. Tell me, how could a human soul endure such...deprivations? (COMEDY, REAL-LIFE, THREE SHEETS TO THE WIND) Last update 08/07/2000.

Cath, 1 story

Caecilia: Last update 02/15/2001.

Charlotte P, 1 story

A Lost Discovery: A short story based on the story of Anne Boleyn. Last update 01/08/2009. Completed.

Cheyn, 1 story

The Magic Glass House: Last update 11/19/2010. Completed.

Christen, 3 stories

An Entertainment: “Three or four Families in a country village is the very thing to work on.” ~ Jane Austen Last update 01/01/2000. Completed.

Ask Collins: A Correspondence: Last update 12/14/2005.

Poem: Last update 01/10/2007.

Christi JB, 1 story

Clash of Wills: Last update 10/28/2002. Completed.

Cindi, 1 story

Collection of Short Tales: Last update 05/26/2003.

Cindy C, 2 stories

Kinghorn of the Castle: Jenny Wilkes, with help from Lady Eleanor Lambert and Muriel Abernathy, tries to clear Lord Kinghorn of accusations of murdering his wife. A sequel to A Ghost of a Chance. (REGENCY ROMANCE) Last update 06/14/2010. Completed.

Moonstruck: Miss Rachel Winterbottom finds herself being forced into marriage, when all she wants is true love. A sequel to both Samantha and Arabella's Answer. Last update 11/21/2015. Completed.

Cindy C., 12 stories

A Ghost of a Chance: A young woman and her sister, who both have psychic talents, are brought in to help rid a country estate of a ghost. (REGENCY ROMANCE) Last update 01/01/2000. Completed.

A Spirited Affair: Last update 05/13/2007. Completed.

A Wealth of Wagers: Last update 10/28/2005.

Amy's Adventure: Last update 08/04/2005. Completed.

Arabella's Answer: Last update 07/11/2007. Completed.

Athena: (REGENCY) Last update 10/06/2004. Completed.

High Toby: A gentleman becomes a highwayman to help out his family. (REGENCY ROMANCE) Last update 01/29/2006.

Little Lamb: A short Regency romance about a guileless ingénue and the older gentleman who falls in love with her. (REGENCY) Last update 03/31/2005. Completed.

Penelope's Ploy: Last update 02/12/2003. Completed.

Regency Angel: An angel is sent down to Earth to ensure that a betrothed couple get married, despite the odds against them. (REGENCY ROMANCE) Last update 03/09/2006. Completed.

Samantha: A vicar's daughter finds love and family acceptance when she moves in with her maternal grandparents. (REGENCY) Last update 05/01/2005. Completed.

The Seventh Suitor: (ROMANCE) Last update 06/09/2003. Completed.

CJ Timm, 1 story

Perfect Love: A short story set in Regency England about a man of position and common woman finding each other in unlikely circumstances and how their building love for each other unfolds. Last update 05/20/2010. Completed.

Claire Hart, 1 story

Saints and Servants: Caroline Hilland has been too used to giving too much of herself and her heart to the world, now having that heart broken; she must learn to trust again, or risk scandal and ruin. (REGENCY ROMANCE) Last update 06/08/2006.

clouise, 1 story

Tulips at the Colony: Last update 06/29/2013. Completed.

Coleen V., 4 stories

A Student's Diary: After drifting through classes for the last couple of years, I decided it was time to whip myself into shape. Last update 01/01/2000. Completed.

One with the Courage: The Industrial Revolution has created economic slavery where society has tiered itself into three levels - Rulers, Controllers, and the Laborers. Slowly and insidiously, the World Economic Council is erasing the memory, the very ideology of freedom. Their success seems inevitable until one woman rises against them, making others recall something eternal within us all... (SCI-FI, ADVENTURE) Last update 08/06/2000.

What Champions Are Made of: Last update 09/17/2000.

Wish You Were Here: Author's note: I'd like to dedicate this very short story to my father, who died 10 years ago today, and also to others who have lost a loved one. Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

Daniela, 1 story

Nine Lives: Last update 03/03/2002.

Delwyn, 1 story

Delwyn: Last update 10/10/2000.

Dervla, 1 story

Notoriety: Rosalind Ellis has lived most of her life in books, but when the notorious Alexander Seymour comes along she is dragged into a world of gossip, scandal and lies. (REGENCY ROMANCE) Last update 11/15/2006.

Elana, 1 story

Operarealm: Operarealm about a young singer who receives access to a world of all opera and opera people and comes face to face with hopeless romantic destiny. (FANTASY) Last update 06/12/2003. Completed.

Elisa, 3 stories

A Very Midsummer Madness: Last update 10/28/2002.

Clara Castigan: Last update 11/15/2006.

Poetry Collection: Last update 10/28/2005.

Ella Holm, 1 story

The Balcony: Kath, always too curious by half, finds herself inescapably in trouble. Unexpected help appears just in time -- but is it wise to trust someone you do not know at all? Last update 02/10/2012.

Em, 1 story

A Shocking Inheritance: Isabella Timmons's life is turned upside down when she inherits her father's estate instead of her half-brother. Now, in addition to finding her place in society, preparing for her come out, fending off fortune hunters, and dealing with her step-mother and half-brother, she must also match wits against her annoying neighbor, Lord Braxton, who is always questioning her abilities as master of her estate. (ROMANCE) Last update 09/24/2009.

Emily, 1 story

All In the Family : Last update 09/22/2010.

Erika Lynn, 1 story

Pilgrimage: Sirraphe sets out on her pilgrimage and is soon joined by new friends. However, things don't go quite as they planned and they find themselves in the middle of an age-old conflict! (FANTASY) Last update 01/11/2003.

Erin H., 1 story

A Life So Changed: In a span of a moment, one's whole future could be wiped clean against one's will. How can a person survive in the aftermath and hope to lead a life unplanned? (REAL LIFE, DRAMA) Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

Esteban, 2 stories

Gravity and a Garden Wall: The Continuing Saga of the People Brought Together by a Trapped and Nameless Dog Last update 08/16/2003.

The General's Answer to James: Last update 05/26/2003.

Eugene Orlando, 2 stories

A Justice of Revenge: Last update 10/28/2002. Completed.

The Death of Three Birds: A short story set in the Regency Period Last update 06/12/2002. Completed.

Evangeline, 1 story

To See Your Face Again: Alec Sheridan, a wealthy landowner and jaded man about own falls madly in love with a married duchess. (DRAMA, ROMANCE) Last update 10/28/2002.

G'Kay, 1 story

Checks and Balances: Last update 02/02/2001.

Hannah, 1 story

Spring in Trinacria: (SUSPENSE, ROMANCE) Last update 11/06/2003.

Heather F, 1 story

Playing Around in Derbyshire: When jessica lyons is offered the role of elizabeth bennet in pride & prejudice, it feels like fate has handed her the chance to find her very own mr. darcy. Last update 09/24/2018.

J. Winters, 1 story

Untitled Poem: Last update 03/28/2001.

Jane GS, 5 stories

Julia: Last update 01/29/2006.

No Runs, No Hits, No Errors: Started out as an "Emma" story. Read to see where the author ends up! (ROMANCE, REAL-LIFE) Last update 05/28/2004. Completed.

Of Songbirds and Stellar's Jays: Last update 05/05/2003.

The Nanny's Story: A modern-day retelling of Elizabeth Gaskell’s ghost story, The Old Nurse’s Story, in which the sins of the father can never be forgotten or forgiven. Last update 01/07/2009.

The Perfect Christmas Tree: Last update 12/22/2004. Completed.

Janet, 3 stories

Destination Known: A cowboy, a jacuzzi, an annoying co-vacationer. Does this sound like something a frazzled woman needs? (COMEDY, ROMANCE ) Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

Lessons of Life: A family torn apart by divorce must find a way to hold onto love, and learn the lessons of life. Jon now free to love the woman meant for him must make some important decisions lest he repeats the same mistakes again... (ROMANCE, REAL-LIFE) Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

Trail of Discovery: Sarah's husband has run off with a young thing and her life's never been the same since the death of their only daughter Jessica. Tossed and battered on the hard shores of grief she makes her last bid from losing all grip on her life. Sarah turns to the one constant, the one anchor who has never lifted himself from her life no matter how rough the seas - Robert. But the roads one must take are never paved when one's destination is still yet unknown and Sarah's journey has just begun... (REAL-LIFE) Last update 08/06/2000.

Janis, 1 story

A Meeting in the Park: Short story about a park, a gentleman and a damsel who appears to be in distress. Last update 10/27/2013. Completed.

Jen R., 1 story

On with the show; or, I've Never Been a Subplot Before: Last update 01/01/2000.

Jennifer Lynn, 1 story

That Voice: Author’s Note: This is the first time I’m posting something here for others to read and I hope it’s not seen as an intrusion. The city of Los Angeles has suffered a great loss and this was my way of dealing with it. (REAL-LIFE) Last update 08/27/2002.

Jessica B., 1 story

Set My Sights on Monday: Last update 12/30/2003.

Jimmy, 10 stories

Aaron: An accident strands Dr. Julia Sandler in Aaron, a town filled with beauty and life, but missing a soul. (SOUTHERN GOTHIC) Last update 06/13/2005. Completed.

An English Mystery: Wellham was a nice English town with its usual mayhem and mysteries. Then an American comes in ... and well, there goes the neighborhood. (MYSTERY, COMEDY - IT'S IN THERE, I SWEAR...) Last update 10/10/2000. Completed.

Daughter of Sparta: She was neither the mysterious figure history painted her to be nor the penultimate trophy wife legend made her. Flesh and blood, Helen was born to rule though both history and legend conspired against her. (BASED ON HOMER'S EPIC TALE) Last update 06/27/2003.

For Better or For Worse: Nigel has found the love of his life, and she has agreed to be his wife. The only problem is how to introduce his father and his boyfriend... (COMEDY, REAL-LIFE) Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

It's Still the Same Old Story: A Winters Brothers Tale. Last update 08/06/2000.

My Father's House: A Winters Brothers Tale. Last update 11/12/2002.

Pansori of an Abandoned Child: This is a short ghost story, one of many that's been scratching inside my skull. And one that actually has a basis on an old legend I once read as a child. (HORROR) Last update 02/26/2005. Completed.

Scarecrow's Heart: Last update 11/27/2006.

Strange as Angels Dancing: A Winters Brothers Tale. This is the (last to) final story for the Winters clan. Ben Winters, not the brightest but definitely the sweetest has to face his own demons. If not for himself, then for Beth whose problems could very well hurt her or worse... (ROMANCE) Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

These Are the Days...: A Winters Brothers Tale. Last update 08/06/2000.

John, 3 stories

Legend of the Ihai: The Kan'Rae were sent on what they believed to be a regulation tour of inspection of a small outpost planet of their domain, which, for no apparent reason at all, was ever really brought into the governmental structure. After their arrival the orders come. Their orders, bring the planet in, but make certain it is safe first. Unfortunately for their masters, the planet's history was not studied and there is a reason the Kan'Rae had never been sent there. (SCI-FI, ACTION-ADVENTURE) Last update 05/27/2002.

The Calen: A group of men and women are about to enter an unforgiving world occupied by the mysterious Calen. The question is will they survive to tell their tale? (SCI-FI, ACTION-ADVENTURE) Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

The Coming of the Mihai: Their power is inscribed in legend. They rule absolute in a world torn by war. The Mihai have given the settlers fifteen years to decide whether to stay or leave. But fifteen years can be very long. Too long. (SCI-FI, ACTION-ADVENTURE) Last update 10/26/2000.

Kara, 2 stories

Ferris Wheel: Last update 08/08/2000. Completed.

Poetry Collection: Last update 10/28/2005.

Kate Eileen, 1 story

If I Had You: Last update 04/22/2001.

Katharine T., 1 story

Advice from Miss Valentine: Miss Maude Valentine may be a poor relation living on charity, but she does have eyes in her head. With the arrival of a handsome, amiable gentleman houseguest, her niece Kate clearly needs advice. Miss Valentine's well-meaning help may cause further entanglements. Last update 06/27/2008. Completed.

Kathy, 2 stories

To See the Rain: Memories haunt two women for two very different reasons. And love can make forgiving an unforgivable sin easier to bear and to understand. (REAL LIFE, DRAMA) Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

You Were Mine: Last update 08/08/2000. Completed.

Katja, 1 story

Lizzie Bennet's Express Delivery: (Lizzie Bennet Diaries) Last update 03/30/2013. Completed.

Kiki, 1 story

Undying Devotion: Last update 10/10/2000.

Kristin, 1 story

Untitled Story: Last update 01/07/2009.

Laura, 1 story

Poetry Collection: Last update 05/01/2005.

Laura M., 2 stories

The Fairy Phenomena: Last update 08/27/2002. Completed.

The Right One: Last update 05/28/2004. Completed.

Lauren M., 1 story

Hide and Seek: DS Megan Kincaid is not living the life we all see on the Tele. There's no Inspector Morse around the corner, and Cracker is not on tap for her to consult. Her desk job could be used as anesthesia and her love life has been scrambled due to the fact she has fallen for her boss. And this is a normal day. (MYSTERY) Last update 08/06/2000.

Lauren S., 1 story

Untitled: (REAL-LIFE) Last update 04/18/2003.

Leah, 2 stories

A Political Portrait: Last update 08/10/2000. Completed.

High School Dramatics: I got rhythm, I got... sorry, we are about to embark on a journey as Leah is starring in the musical Bye, Bye Birdie. As the title suggests, she's about to find out sometimes the drama is not on stage, but behind the curtains! (COMEDY, REAL-LIFE) Last update 01/01/2000.

Lindsey H., 1 story

Lost Hope: He wanted a chance at gold himself, but Sarah knew how the fevered rush to California had turned out. Many left, few returned, and if they did, it was a rare sight to see the fortune they had collected. She could only think the same thing would happen to her young husband. (ROMANCE) Last update 06/29/2005.

Lisa, 1 story

Differing Views: Two sisters are making the trip of their lives and visiting Italy. It doesn't matter a whit that they're stuck in coach for excess of seven hours. Unfortunately, the Thornton brothers, specifically Frederick, do not find much joy in visiting Italy on a budget. Imagine A Room with a View with MTV, with a dash of twin beds and some real attitude problems that need to get adjusted! (ROMANTIC COMEDY) Last update 08/06/2000.

Lise, 23 stories

According to Plan: Last update 04/29/2006. Completed.

All too Handsome: Julia Graham decides she has refused all her suitors because they were too handsome. Last update 01/05/2009. Completed.

An Inevitable Conclusion: This a prequel to Locked in the Library. Honoria does not consider herself a very well-bred girl, but when several Viscounts make their appearance in the neighbourhood, she is expected to due her duty to her younger sisters and pick one. Last update 05/01/2005. Completed.

At First Sight: Last update 01/01/2000.

Babies and Bodies : Clarke still wants to find out what is happening at the Treminster Club. What better time than her maternity leave? Riley won't let her do any work anyway. Last update 12/22/2009.

Clementine: Circumstances forced Clementine to become a duke's mistress, but when her protector dies, his successor seems to think he inherited more than merely the title. Last update 05/28/2005. Completed.

Confusion: Last update 08/11/2012. Completed.

Drawn In: Last update 11/07/2007. Completed.

Gauging the Adversary: It was supposed to be a risky but routine exercise. No one was hurt and the Queen was successfully 'kidnapped' by her own security division who believed they were on a training run. And they also believed the Queen knew of this beforehand. However, to their shock they find their objective was never briefed on the commando mission and more importantly nobody else in the world did either... (MYSTERY, ROMANCE) Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

Getting Acquainted: Last update 10/28/2004. Completed.

Getting Involved: Suspects are getting involved in the investigation & the police are trying not to get involved with suspects ... because neither should happen, ideally. (MYSTERY) Last update 08/03/2004. Completed.

Isabelle: Spin-off of Untitled, wherein Isabelle meets Philip. Last update 02/18/2017.

JA Death Squad: Last update 02/20/2013.

Jane Austen Death Squad : Last update 12/11/2016.

Mistress of the Seas: The kissy little minx from Clementine has grown up, but her family need some convincing that running off to sea and manipulating captains are really grown-up things to do. Last update 10/28/2005. Completed.

Moonlight: Last update 09/09/2000.

New Place, New Problems: Last update 11/18/2000.

Part by Part : As if it isn't enough to have a murder case in which the body parts surface part by part, Riley is ordered to help his boss investigate her hunches after work, discovering more about her bit by bit. Last update 01/08/2009. Completed.

The Wicked Widow and The Jinxed Jilter: Last update 12/22/2004. Completed.

Theressa: A woman disappears with her baby and yet the husband is far from worried. Is he guilty of foul play or is he himself a victim? Time is running out and truth is not a friend one can rely on... (MYSTERY) Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

Titled?: Last update 07/04/2018. Completed.

Trying Patience: Never think you are too old for everything except being a grandmother. Someone will come along to prove you wrong! Chronological order: Clementine, Trying Patience, Mistress of the Seas (15 years later). Last update 01/04/2006. Completed.

Untitled: Last update 09/02/2015.

Liz M., 2 stories

Et in Arcadia Ego: Ladies and Gents!! Welcome to the glamorous world of stage and acting! Follow our heroine as she tries to keep her sanity and dignity together while starring in Stoppard’s immortal Arcadia! So sit back and enjoy our PLAY! (COMEDY, REAL-LIFE) Last update 08/06/2000.

Much Ado About Acting: She nearly misses the audition for Much Ado About Nothing but luckily for us she's in the play. Now she'll have a scene with Dogberry. Will she keep a straight face and keep her character dignified? (COMEDY, REAL-LIFE) Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

Lydia, 1 story

Princesses, Peas, and Other Imponderables: Last update 01/05/2009.

Lynae, 2 stories

By Any Other Name: Last update 06/30/2013. Completed.

Star: Last update 03/17/2013. Completed.

M, 1 story

First Born: Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

Maria H., 12 stories

Crossing Hearts: Last update 03/28/2001. Completed.

Curiosity Killed the Cat: And it did! More many ways are there to skin a cat? ;) (ROMANTIC COMEDY) Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

Earthquake: Last update 10/28/2002. Completed.

Eviana: Evie had long given up hope of finding a husband to love and marry. And then she meets Lord Sinclair... (ROMANCE) Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

Lost and Found: An act of grace brings joy to Halli one cold day. (ROMANCE) Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

Nyah: Last update 03/08/2001. Completed.

Penny: Last update 10/28/2002.

Sparrow: Last update 10/28/2002. Completed.

Spending Time with Rosie: Look to the heavens and envy the stars, and one can miss the diamonds strewn under one's feet. (ROMANCE) Last update 08/07/2000. Completed.

The Briefcase: Last update 10/28/2002. Completed.

The Language of Flowers: Roses are red, violets are blue...and everything means I love you! (ROMANCE) Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

The Vigil: Last update 04/04/2001. Completed.

Mariah H., 11 stories

Calashi: In a land ravaged by plagues a woman is marked forever an outsider but within her lies the hope of all. And the resurrection of one man's soul... (SCI-FI, DRAMA) Last update 01/01/2000. Completed.

Calashi Bounty: The civilization that arose from the plague-devastated land is once more threatened by the ancient enemy. The only hope lies in ancient archives whose secrets are buried in time and mystery. Part 2 of the Calashi Chronicles. (SCI-FI, ADVENTURE) Last update 01/01/2000. Completed.

Calashi Misfits: A girl grows up in a happy home but is unable to find a niche in her world. As she tries to make her mark, a dark secret rises threatening to destroy all that she's done. Part 3 of the Calashi Chronicles. (SCI-FI, DRAMA) Last update 01/01/2000. Completed.

Cloud Dreams: Welcome to a world being reborn and whose people are learning to thrive. Amongst them is a secret of an ancient city long-forgotten in history. (SCI-FI, ADVENTURE) Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

Crossing the Wilderness: While saving a child's life, Sabina's telepathic healing skills were destroyed. What is a healer worth without the power to cure? The answer may lie in an injured stranger Sabrina stumbles across. (SCI-FI, DRAMA) Last update 08/08/2000. Completed.

Daughter of Thieves: To rescue one another is sacrificed. How do you measure the value of a life against another? (SCI-FI, DRAMA) Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

Hidden Person Inside: This is Kiden’s world filled with mundane yet dangerous things. Among the intrigues of the court where she serves as a King’s Scribe a stranger enters into the midst causing more than just a whisper or two... (SCI-FI, DRAMA) Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

Minds' Link Hearts' Echo: Last update 08/07/2000.

Outlanders: In a society where certain people are pariahs what happens when one stumbles upon a good Samaritan? (SCI-FI, DRAMA) Last update 08/07/2000.

Skywalkers: The skywalkers have created a civilization on trees after a biogenic warfare made living on ground impossible.. Now a stranger comes among them who can reveal their secret... (SCI-FI, ACTION) Last update 08/07/2000.

Travellers: Cursed with a gift of gods, the Travellers can fold time and space to the will of the Guild. Their lives forever bound and constrained because of this power a few decide to break free risking their lives in order to join a growing Resistance... (SCI-FI, DRAMA) Last update 08/08/2000. Completed.

Mary Collette, 6 stories

Assault with Poetry: The inspiration for the following little creation came from a column that the former President of Western Michigan University wrote in the Wednesday 30, April edition of "THE KALAMAZOO GAZETTE", all about the strange occurrences found on the police blotters of the Campus Police Department & something the Mr. Haenicke read about how Eudora Welty got ideas for her stories. (HUMOR) Last update 05/05/2003. Completed.

Catherine's Moving Day: (BEAUTY & THE BEAST) Last update 01/01/2000. Completed.

Laurina: The time is Regency but Laurina's world is far apart from the fashionable societies of London. Yet, it is her fortune and misfortune to travel across the seas to a world that cannot accept her for who she is... (ROMANCE) Last update 03/20/2001.

Learning to Fit In : Sequel to Catherine's Moving Day Last update 01/09/2000.

The Reluctant Guardian: The following is going to be another Regency Romance. It is a guardian/ward story with a twist. (ROMANCE) Last update 03/23/2002.

The Shape of Tradition: (REAL LIFE) Last update 06/14/2004.

Meghan & Sarah Kz, 2 stories

Curdling of Milk: Last update 01/04/2006.

When Wine Meets Cheese: "A cheese may disappoint. It may be dull, it may be naive, it may be oversophisticated. Yet it remains cheese, milk's leap toward immortality..." ~Clifton Fadiman Last update 07/20/2004. Completed.

Monica, 2 stories

A Regency Revenge: Miss Elizabeth Breadpudding is hoping for a proposal, but he is holding back for a redhead even if he is attracted to her. The best revenge is not a dish served cold to the instigator, but the incandescent happiness attained latter on by the injured party in spite of the heartbreak. Last update 11/21/2015. Completed.

A Regency Revenge: Miss Elizabeth Breadpudding is hoping for a proposal, but he is holding back for a readhead even if he is attracted to her. The best revenge is not a dish served cold to the instigator, but the incandescent happiness attained latter on by the injured party in spite of the heartbreak. Last update 08/06/2015. Completed.

Mortie, 4 stories

Beyond His Control: This story is set in the 1880s. Last update 11/30/2004. Completed.

Pleiades Twenty-Seven: Last update 03/23/2002.

Summer of the Squirrels: (COMEDY) Last update 04/18/2003.

The One Hundred Per Cent Unadulterated Truth: (COMEDY, REAL-LIFE, FICTION - YOU DECIDE) Last update 08/11/2004.

Natalie B., 1 story

Our Family: This is a story about two cousins of Darcy's, George Evelyn and his wife Helen. George is the eldest son of Beatrice Fitzwilliam Evelyn. He like the Darcy's has an estate in Derbyshire and a rent roll of £10,000. In early august 1812 he married Helen, the daughter of Lord Richard Percy and his wife Maria. As a younger son should Lord Richard married for money and connections, he gave his daughter a dowry of £50,000, as well as a baron and a duke for grandparents. This is their story and it is told through letters and diaries. (ROMANCE) Last update 01/11/2003.

Natasha, 3 stories

Love and Loathing: Miss Margaret Huston is sure that she will never marry, but a Season in London just might change her mind. (ROMANTIC COMEDY) Last update 04/06/2002.

The Prodigal: Last update 10/28/2002.

Thursday's Child: Last update 04/06/2002. Completed.

Nikki K, 4 stories

An Ode to Sonnet 18 (Poem for the Modern Romantic): Last update 09/20/2014. Completed.

How?: Last update 10/29/2011. Completed.

Tears of Ice: Last update 12/18/2010. Completed.

When in Doubt...: Welcome to the nuances of a competitive corporate world, persevering matchmaking parents, and sassy know-it-all friends. . . "When in doubt, do it" (Oliver Wendell Holmes). Last update 09/20/2014.

nikkimaritch, 1 story

Untitled: Last update 07/20/2010.

Nisha, 1 story

An Inconvenient Contract: Richard and Isabella are childhood friends whose parents wish them to marry and have in fact promised them to one another. This very naturally inclines them to rebel; and of course it is to avoid marrying each other that they run off to Scotland together… (REGENCY ROMANCE) Last update 05/08/2011. Completed.

NN S, 2 stories

Boney Sullivan, Queen of the Cheaters: A young woman shows a kingdom a new way to cheat. Last update 12/11/2016. Completed.

Boney Sullivan, Queen of the Cheaters: A young woman shows a kingdom a new way to cheat. Last update 05/14/2016. Completed.

Rachel, 1 story

A Journey to Gretna Green: Cecilia Ashford is eloping. The bad news, she's eloping with the wrong man. (COMEDY, ROMANCE ) Last update 08/07/2000. Completed.

Rachel B., 1 story

The Tooth of Dachrae: Last update 08/06/2000.

Rachel Elizabeth, 1 story

The Nesmiths or Husbands Wanted: Last update 01/01/2000.

Radhika, 1 story

Bedtime Story: Last update 03/23/2002.

Renee B, 2 stories

Burnout: A poem reflecting on the transition from autumn to winter. Last update 01/01/2013. Completed.

In Memory of Her: The story of the woman who anoints Jesus at Bethany retold from Simon the Leper's point of view (Mark 14:1-11). Last update 12/13/2014. Completed.

Rita H., 2 stories

Five Season Waltz: Her grandmother told Willa it takes more than one season to find the right man. Could Grandma have been wrong? (ROMANCE ) Last update 04/25/2007. Completed.

Out of the Blue: After losing a prize stallion from his family’s business, Mr. Paul Whittier is determined to turn over a new leaf and win the horse back. However he is delayed from his purpose by a shot from the blue. Last update 10/28/2005. Completed.

Robert, 1 story

A Gift for Alessandro: Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, a boy learns that strength is not power. And courage and fearlessness make a hero of anyone who braves the impossible, even if one is still a boy.(Forwarded by Dawn) (FANTASY ) Last update 08/06/2000. Completed.

Rose, 1 story

The Weather: Last update 12/14/2005.

Rose H, 1 story

Regret, Thy Name is Ghost: A Short Story: A story based on A Christmas Carol, it explores what might have happened in the end if a Scrooge-like character hadn't heeded her warning ghosts. Last update 08/11/2012. Completed.

Roxanne, 1 story

The Leather Jacket: Kindness comes in all sizes, and usually when one least expects it. (A True story) Last update 10/28/2002.

Sabine, 1 story

Stella Rosa: (ROMANCE) Last update 04/07/2002.

Sabine B., 2 stories

An Honourable Offer : Rejecting a most advantageous offer of marriage, Judith Allington determines to put the episode behind her. Last update 01/08/2009. Completed.

Juliana: Having thus far effectively quelled the ambitions of many a hopeful mama, Lord Tristan St. James finds himself subjected to an attack on his domestic felicity at the hands of a most determined relative. (ROMANCE) Last update 07/05/2008. Completed.

Sanna, 1 story

Northfield: Nurse Shelagh Mannion arrives at Nonnatus Halfway House in 1952 to work as a psychiatric nurse. She meets an enigmatic doctor-in-charge Dr.Turner there. An alternate universe crossover version of Call The Midwife and Jane Eyre. Last update 06/26/2015.

Sara Knapp, 1 story

Of Fortune and Female Friendship: iSome twenty years after the events of Pride and Prejudice, some of its most significant characters meet for a celebration. The current fortunes of some of them correspond to their (and our) picture of how their lives would proceed – but the paths others have trod now reveal themselves to have been much less predictable ... Last update 03/06/2023. Completed.

Shannon K, 8 stories

A different dance: Darcy discovers Lizzie's videos before the Gibson wedding. Will they still share the most awkward dance ever? (Lizzie Bennet Diaries) Last update 08/24/2013. Completed.

A different date: Darcy asks Lizzie to the theater, but she can"t give the answer he wants. Not when he doesn"t know about her videos. (Lizzie Bennet Diaries) Last update 01/19/2014. Completed.

A different messenger: At Netherfield, Darcy instead of Bing comes to remind Lizzie and Caroline about the wine-tasting tour. He finds them filming. (Lizzie Bennet Diaries) Last update 08/24/2013. Completed.

All that his words implied: Darcy gains the courage to ask Lizzie on a date during her stay at Pemberley Digital, despite presumably knowing that if she rejects him this time he cannot expect a third opportunity. (Lizzie Bennet Diaries) Last update 03/17/2013. Completed.

He still watched her videos: An exploration of Darcy's evolution between the time he hands Lizzie his letter and the time they meet at Pemberley, focusing on the effect her videos have on him. (Lizzie Bennet Diaries) Last update 03/17/2013. Completed.

He was no robot: Darcy's attempt to understand his transformation between the time he professed his love and the time he handed her the letter. (Lizzie Bennet Diaries) Last update 03/17/2013. Completed.

Nothing more to say about him: How did Darcy come to say, with sincerity and resignation, "I realized you were right. As much time as we spent together in San Francisco, we hadn't become friends"? (Lizzie Bennet Diaries) Last update 08/24/2013. Completed.

The words that broke him: (Lizzie Bennet Diaries) Last update 04/20/2013. Completed.

Shemmelle, 1 story

Things Are What They Are...: Last update 08/10/2000.

Sietske, 1 story

Not Any Girl: Last update 12/22/2004. Completed.

Simone, 1 story

Crucifer: A creature born to destroy the Dark Ones yet it is also one of the Night's minions. As fearsome as the Grendel and as determined Crucifers greatest quarry are the blood-stealers, those who hunt humans for one thing - substance. (HORROR) Last update 08/07/2000.

Sofie, 14 stories

A Matter of Choice: Mr. James Warrington, the younger son of a baronet, gives up a respectable future in the clergy to become a steward. Miss Emily Sidford has been betrothed since birth to Lord Ralph Prescott, and doesn't believe in love. These two are destined to meet. (ROMANCE, DRAMA) Last update 11/25/2002. Completed.

Double Trouble : This is the story of Felicity (from The Perfect Match). Last update 06/02/2013.

From Fash to Fancy: Last update 12/18/2005. Completed.

Gazing at Waistcoats: Millicent Mainwaring, paid companion to Lady Stanton, launches her beautiful younger sister upon society but has no aspirations towards marriage herself. (ROMANCE) Last update 05/01/2005. Completed.

Ivory and Opals: Last update 08/31/2005. Completed.

The Flowerstone: Last update 09/24/2003.

The Look in Your Eyes: Last update 03/31/2005. Completed.

The Perfect Match: Lady Amelia Fanshawe's parents have her future all planned out for her, but she has no intention of marrying a gentleman she hasn't picked for herself. Last update 04/20/2013. Completed.

The Reluctant Fiancée : Last update 03/21/2007. Completed.

The Runaway Fiancée: Melina Amburton runs away rather than marry an impoverished peer who is only interested in her fortune. Running away soon proves fraught with problems, but at least it's not a bad as being sold into a loveless marriage (ROMANCE) Last update 07/11/2007. Completed.

The Spurious Rake: (ROMANCE) Last update 08/31/2005. Completed.

The Wager: A bookish bluestocking needs convincing when one of the most dashing gentlemen of the Ton trys to win her heart. (ROMANCE) Last update 03/31/2005. Completed.

To Enter a Tapestry: Monica and Roxanne and their cousins jump into a tapestry and find themselves transported to another world where they go on a quest that involves dragons and trolls and even a hot knight or two. (HUMOR) Last update 03/21/2007.

Witch's Hat: Last update 10/10/2002.

Stephie Kaye, 1 story

Autumn Raye: Last update 04/02/2009.

Susan, 1 story

Temperance: Gentle Clara never takes the time to realize or secure her own happiness, even when it concerns the wise doctor who is in love with her. Impetuous and independent Celia may be the only person who can possibly tame the beast they call the Earl of Amherst. And jealous Juliana has plans of her own… Last update 11/15/2006.

Suzanna, 1 story

Untitled: (REAL-LIFE) Last update 08/15/2000.

Suzanne O, 3 stories

Lady Elisabeth: Last update 08/24/2013.

The Prince Defends Her Honor: Last update 03/17/2013. Completed.

The Restoration of David DeVigny: A retelling of the fairytale Beauty and the Beast Last update 07/17/2011. Completed.

Tamara, 2 stories

Her Duty: Last update 01/01/2000.

Progression: Last update 03/25/2003.

Tamsin, 1 story

The Trashed Tot: Last update 10/28/2002.

Teanna, 1 story

Burning Earth: Last update 01/01/2000.

Trinity, 2 stories

Fate: How many times can fate be thwarted? One couple will find out. Last update 07/17/2011. Completed.

The Ice Cream Story: Last update 03/15/2014. Completed.

Ulrike, 21 stories

A Capital Investment: A wealthy banker agrees to a marriage of convenience, only to discover that a love-match is what he wants. (ROMANCE) Last update 02/13/2006. Completed.

A Change of Fortune: An unexpected inheritance enables Captain Morrison to marry Eleanor, the love of his life. But her reaction to his proposal is not quite what he hoped it would be. Last update 05/08/2011. Completed.

An Impossible Case: Falling in love for a second time is an impossible case for widower Andrew Hartwell. (ROMANCE) Last update 05/13/2007.

An Unfashionable Couple : Last update 06/01/2009. Completed.

Celia: The moment Lord David Andell meets Celia Townsend for the first time he is determined to marry her. Which leaves him with the task of winning said lady's regard, as well as making peace between Celia and her brother, who happens to be his best friend. (ROMANCE) Last update 01/06/2009. Completed.

Cuckoo Children: After their mother's death, a pair of twins come to live with their father in England. Their difficulty to fit in with their new surroundings soon turns out to be the least of their problems Last update 10/28/2005.

Emilia: To discourage an unwelcome suitor, Emilia Brentwood tells him she is engaged to someone else. Unfortunately, her imaginary fiancé is VERY real. (ROMANCE) Last update 06/29/2005. Completed.

Helena's Bone: Last update 01/01/2000. Completed.

Marry in Haste: Younger sons cannot marry whom they like - as Mr Edenthorpe, youngest of seven, knows. Last update 03/29/2013.

Not Made for Marriage: Major Horvath thinks he is not made for marriage, but he may realise his error yet. Last update 11/30/2004. Completed.

Setting an Example: Last update 08/31/2005.

Starting Over: Grudgingly, Rosalind Acton must accept that the man who once slighted her is her new neighbour - and that maybe he isn't as bad as she thought. (ROMANCE) Last update 05/01/2006. Completed.

Stormy Weather: A prequel to A Winter In Vienna, it is also a standalone story that leads to the happenings of the winter of 1814 and 1815. (ROMANCE) Last update 03/23/2002.

Tales to Tell: (MYSTERY) Last update 04/28/2002. Completed.

The Ampleforth Girl: Last update 06/28/2008.

The Fickle Bride: Barbara Markham has second thoughts about her impending marriage when, on a visit to her sister, she meets her sister's brother-in-law. (ROMANCE) Last update 01/01/2000. Completed.

The Fortune Hunter: Fortune hunters, according to Mr. Paige, were the eighth Biblical Plague, and he tried everything to protect his daughters from them. Olivia Paige minded her father's warnings and was wary of fortune hunters - too wary at times Last update 08/03/2004. Completed.

The Horrid Miss Clarke: Lucy Clarke feels that her authorship of "horrid" novels might shock her acquaintance and ruin her reputation. Last update 04/16/2012.

The Ice Queen: A young singer's reputed coldness does not keep true love away. (ROMANCE) Last update 05/01/2005. Completed.

The Misogynist Club: Take a lonely country house, a group of friends known as the Misogynist Club, and two females stranded at their door. (ROMANCE) Last update 01/29/2009.

The Mystery of Colby Green : When Captain Gilbert returns home after the battle of Corunna, he expects to be bored to tears. He did not reckon with a highwayman terrorising the area - nor did he expect to fall in love with his sister's annoying, meddlesome friend. Last update 01/19/2010. Completed.

Vanessa, 1 story

Reason Enough: Last update 01/01/2000.

Victoria Lynn, 1 story

Poems: Last update 04/14/2002.

William J., 1 story

Top Guns: Racing is dangerous enough but add to that a Fixer determined to turn the odds to his favor at any cost and these drivers are in for a great deal more trouble than a blown-out tire in the race tracks... (ACTION, MYSTERY) Last update 08/08/2000.

Zack, 1 story

Friends Forever: A young man struggles to find acceptance for who he is. However, his world is designed to accept no one who wants to be different. And a friend's badly misjudged action wrecks tragedy for all... (TRAGEDY, REAL-LIFE) Last update 09/14/2000. Completed.

Zeb, 1 story

Space Adventure: Last update 08/08/2000.


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