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Location:Arizona USA
Web site:
Joined DWG:14 Apr 2012
Favorite Jane Austen novel:Sense & Sensibility
Second favorite JA novel:Persuasion
Favorite JA adaptation:Emma2 (1996)

I've been a Janite for about 10 years and in that time I've come to love all things Jane Austen. I've learned a great deal from her stories and my life is forever changed. She inspires me!
I am a mother of 4 and I was born and raised in Arizona. I began writing long before I developed a love of JA's novels but it wasn't until I began an adaptation of Sense and Sensibility that I completed a full length novel- and wouldn't you know- I actually found someone who would take the chance on me and publish the thing! I'm tickled and very excited!

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