CeciliaT   (phorum profile)

Location:Mexico City
Web site:http://ustedestaloco.wordpress.com
Joined DWG:Around 2006
Favorite Jane Austen novel:Persuasion
Favorite that isn't P&P:Pride & Prejudice
Favorite JA adaptation:Pers2 (1995)

I'm 23, currently a Graphic Designer, used to be a Museum guide and my dream is to study a Master in Art History. Someday, perhaps.

Pride and Prejudice was the first "real" English book I read in my life, when I was sixteen. I understood half the words that were there, but it didn't stop me from finishing it in a couple of days. Ever since, Jane Austen works have accompanied me for several years, being always a source of entertainment, wisdom and fun. I've been lurking in the DWG for a couple of years, so that I can practice my English in an amusing way. Perhaps I shall, someday, post something of my invention for I got many ideas in my head.

Persuasion is my favorite book. So beautiful and yet, so sad.

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